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This post has been in my draft for a very long time. I went to Hello Kitty Town in Johor last month. Yes, last month. I just got around with it and here are my Vlog and post about it! Hopefully it will give you an insight on the Hello Kitty Town if you are planning to go there. Me and my fiance went there because we won a pair of tickets to the Hello Kitty town from his company giveaway. It was a photo voting contest and you guys helped me to vote and I won! Thank you so much. So here are my video. I'm still learning and I hope you enjoy it. Below this video would be a short description and tour of the Hello Kitty Town for more info about it.

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Here are the map for the Hello Kitty Town.

As you enter you can see this "gazebo" located on your left. There is a photographer over there for you to take picture with your whole family. It will be printed out in a nice frame. I think you need to pay for it. i'm not sure, because I did go there.

Also, as you enter you will see this Wishful Studio on your right. This is the craft section where craft activities take place. You can make hello kitty clay, decorating cookie and make an accessories out of that pixel stuff (put it on a tray and heat it up, it will combine kinda thing). Nor sure what it is called.

From time to time, Hello Kitty will make an appearance with Daniel and all of Hello Kitty friends. They will sing and dance of course. You can check out the schedule here.

There is a small snack shop located in the middle of the Hello Kitty Town section. RM4 worth of strawberry juice. Haha. 

Here is what you see when you first enter the Hello Kitty House. This is basically their lobby maybe. I don't know. It's pink. I love it.

Of course, the Hello Kitty walk in closet. Filled with designer clothes called The baju keras. No I'm just kidding. haha. I recognize that boxes, I think that is from Daiso! Lol!

Here is the Black Wonder. It is a fun place where you and your family can have some maze adventure. No you don;t have to be a maze runner. There have their own duration of time, so you kinda have to wait for turns. You will be assign for a task to solve some mysteries. Its pretty fun but a bit hard to understan what we really need to do inside there.

Super cool right! I love the decor.

Here are some snippets of the Big Club section. It is located at the upper level above the Hello Kitty Town. All rides are children friendly. You can have a ride but it is super awkward. Haha.

This cafe called the Red Bow Cafe, located next to the gift shop, outside of the entrance. There nothing much but you can have a try on their Hello Kitty shaped Nasi Lemak. :P

The latest price to enter the Hello Kitty town are as below!
You can purchase them online here :
As you can see you may purchase a ticker for only Hello Kitty Town or together with the Big Club section which is located upstairs from the Hello Kitty Town in that building.

Overall & Thoughts. This is a great place for parents out there to have some bonding time with your kids, especially for your daughter (for the Hello Kitty Town) or for your daughter and sons for the Bug Club section. I went there with my fiance, and it was awkward. Haha. The rides, the size of the place are meant to be for kids. Seriously, serious. But to be honest, the Hello Kitty town is a really nice place to take picture and such but it would be super funny when you see your man try so hard to enjoy himself in rooms full of pink and cute stuff. There are not much activity for adults. As I said, it has a lot of activities for you and your children. The food and gifts are well, pretty expensive. What do you expect right. Its a theme park area. If you are a hard core fan of Hello Kitty, well this might be for you. You can take tons of pictures in the Hello Kitty house. It is super nice. I definitely will go here again if I have children. It is really a great place where you can take pictures, do some craft activities and some adventure time in the Black Wonder area with kids around. It is really fun to see they running around and laugh around there. Maybe in the future. Who knows. ;)

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Johor is located at :
Persiaran Puteri Selatan, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.
Get directions here - How to go to Hello Kitty Town Johor.

If you are not living in Johor an would want to saty over night nearby. there are hotel such as Legoland Hotel (just nearby), Puteri habor Hotel and many more that would be a bit far away here.

More info you can visit their official website :

Have you been to Hello Kitty Town Johor?
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  1. the cutest!! ^___^

    I think black wonder should be similar to those escape rooms :3

  2. comellll T_T nak pergi gak one day

  3. never been to johor.. one day insyaAllah , boleh jumpa sabrina sekali haha.

  4. Cute gile!! :)
    But I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty, so I don't think I'll go except if I have won a giveaway like u did!haha!

  5. comei, insyaallah akan sampai ke sana 1 day

  6. My sister-in-law is obsessed with Hello Kitty Town.. ^_^'
    Hey, cool! you can edit videos too! Did you learn on your own or there's a class somewhere? I'm dying to learn how to edit!

    1. Thank you so much Aisyah! I learn it all from Youtube! <3

  7. Hello kitty town seems like an awesome place especially if we take kids with us !!