VS Sassoon iPink Hair Dryer Review


Don't ever going out of the house with wet hair while wearing hijab. It is just a BIG no no. Although you are wearing hijab, it does not mean you don't need to look for a good hair tools and hair care for it. Wearing hijab while your hair is damp can cause dandruff, itchiness and awful smell. yep, awful smell can really piss everyone around you.

How I over come this? By using hair dryer of course! Each one of you must invest in a good hairdryer. Must! The hair dryer I have been using all these while are the VS Sassoon iPink Hair Dryer that I got from Hishop. What to look when buying a hair dryer is the "Watt". So far from what I know the best are the one with 2000 Watt and above. The one I got here is in 2200 Watt. So here are my review on it!

This hair dryer is describe as a high performance hair dryer for a fast dry and easy to use. Its also features a technology of tourmaline ceramic that helps to give your hair a shiny and defined hairwithout damaging your hair cause by the heat. As you can see below, it has 3 heat setting, Usually I just go full blast on Level 3. Haha. The big button with the snowflakes sign on it is a cool blower, a less heat blow for your hair. Great for the finishing part. I don't normally use that.

In below picture shows the normal nozzle hair dryer usually have. This is the one I normally use. It is detachable. And sometimes when I want to go full blast on my hair around my neck, I just use the hair dryer without the nozzle as below second picture show. The slim nozzle below helps me to create like a more "structured" / a flow to my hair. I also use a cushion base comb with this hairdryer.

The last nozzle which is called the "Soft Finger Diffuser" (the one you see like the bowl with the "fingers" on it). That one is for volummizing and that soft waves hair effect. If you have this kind of hair, you might wanna use this one as it helps to give you volume and keep your natural hair shape while it is blow dry. Overall, this has been my staple product after I wash my hair.

Overall and thought. I love my hair dryer! The one I have before are the one that is in 1500 Watt. It takes longer time for my hair to dry and gave me shoulder cramp. Ugh. This hair dryer my be big, but it is not too heavt. Its black and pink. What more could I ask! Love it! Remember to take care of your hair!

Name : VS Sassoon iPink 2200W Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
Price : RM240.57

Have you found a good hairdryer yet?
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  1. Ooh it's black and pink! Hair dryers kinda scare me though. This one time my hair got sucked through the back end and it started smoking :'( After that I've always left my hair to air dry haha.


  2. Hehe. Me la tu kadang2 biar je rambut basah.. Sbb tak ada hair dryer punya pasal

  3. I always prefer to use only best hair dryer in my hairs. As I know my hairs are very thin and a blow dry is fine for my hair. I don’t use a dryer daily in my hairs, but yeah I use it to make curls or to dry when I go on outings. I just loved you black and pink cute hair dryer.