Lapureté Wakame Starter Pack Review


I discover the important of using natural ingredient products and I always try to use them more often. If you find its hard to find these type of products, check out this online store call The Love Jars. They sell tons of natural ingredient products for you to choose from. If you are looking for a nice skincare set to try, check out these skincare range made only from the natural and no harsh chemical ingredient called Lapureté. The scientists have proven that Wakame actually reduces the appearance of the first signs of ageing.  I recommend this skincare set to women ages 20 and above.It is clinically proven, natural, active ingredients that helps to  reduce Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Age spots, Dry Skin, Eye bags (the eye repair), Dark Circles & Enlarge Pores. Each pack contains.

Each pack contains each of these products :

Wakame Hydrating Foaming Lotion - 100ml
Tjis cleanser comes in a pump bottle, it dispense fine foammy bubble for more deep clean effect when you are using it. It has a nice fresh citrus scent to it. It is a bit drying when I use it. It works great if you have very oily skin.

Wakame Multi-Active Eye Repair - 5ml
A very lightweight eye serum that does give me a little fresh sensation when applied. Doe not help to reduce eyebag but it is quite hydrating. A good base for my concealer.

Wakame Protect and Repair Lotion - 50ml
A very light weight moisturizer that helps to give me pretty decent hydration. Pretty good. Love the fresh scent it gives me when applied.

Lapureté Chamois
A unique "face towel" that is super soft when its damp. It turns to be hard when its dry. A great way to gently exfoliate your face.

If you are interested do check out The Love Jar for more natural ingredients products!

Name : Lapureté Wakame Starter Pack
Price : RM 159.00
Where to buy : / Product Link
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

What are you thoughts?
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  1. It is good to have Natural ingredients product, priority when choosing product.. :D
    I love natural ingredients too.. :D

  2. I think many products selling on the markets these days are just not save to be used. Lapureté must be one of the great alternatives for us to have healthy skin since it contains only natural ingredients. Nice review on this product btw Sab :)

    1. some contains a very harsh chemical, but natural skincare is a great option. thanks dear!

  3. I've been looking for skin care products at the moment, i have terrible break out due to stress . I thought natural produxts would be the best solution

  4. Does this products help skin to stay hydrated all days?

    1. in terms of hydration, i will give 7/10. A pretty decent hydration for a normal-combination skin. Not for a very dry skin.

  5. seems interesting. I always love natural derived skincare products. I tried Origins and Melvita recently and quite like them. Though it expires within 6 months. Quite worried about that. How about this set?
    xx, Mira |

    1. oh thats a good fact! i didnt know that they then to expire faster than the normal skincare...


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