Satin & Printed Shawl from Zulaykha


Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Its been a very long time since I share you some other beauty related items. Today I will be featuring an online shop that sells awesome and beautiful high quality printed and satin shawl that I has been loving! I love how the effort and how they ship my shawls. It looks exclusive! Here are the shawl that I got.

This is in the in the Printed Shawl collection and I am wearing the Plain&Printed - 10. The chiffon is not sheer and very comfortable to wear. I love how the first side of the shawl is plain and it looks like I am wearing a different type of inner with the shawl. It is easy to wear and yes it cover my chest perfectly! This retails for RM55 (exclude postage).

My favorite! Plain shawl can never go wring in my daily basis. I am wearing their Satin Shawl collection in Misty Grey. What I like about this is that it is not too heavy as some satin shawl I own. What I mean is that a "too heavy" satin shawl can really make my whole day a trouble. It keeps on dragging down! This doesn't! It opaque, soft and easy to wear. Check out their other colors! It retails for RM45 (exclude postage) and the measurement is 80cm x 54cm

sms or whatsapp : 0126224323

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