Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review


The charm bracelet fever has never been out! Each charm represent something. Sometimes it can be from someone you love, or simply for yourself to remind of something. Today I got a haul for you guys, and it is a bracelet I got from a website called Soufeel. Soufeel provides beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories. Their best selling are these charm bracelet where you can customize your own bracelet with your charm choices.

How adorable the packaging is. It is just ready for a gift to anyone. I felt like I had my birthday when I receive these parcel.

Everything is pack so nicely and secure,

,My Soufeel bracelet story are! Here are the charms that I got. From top to bottom, left to right. I got a charm with a "Love Coffee" on it to represent that I love coffee, Hehe. A "Live Love Laugh" charm to remind me that that life positively! The one with the Good Luck sign on it actually has another side with a custom picture on it. A picture with a quote that I put myself that is written, "Always be grateful" <3. I wish to put my wedding picture there but I am not yet married. Haha. The bottom left is a round marble with flowers it it. I love flowers! And the last one is a studded rhinestone heart, to reminds me to always give love!

It has a very firm and quality closure too. It does not simple slip away from my hand and it is really easy to use. These charm bracelet has a nice weight to it, it feels luxury and just beautiful on it self.

I look forward for them to have more charms choices. Right now they are having lots of charm choices targeted for mom as when mother's day is coming and just around the corner! Check out these cute charms they have for you too choose for you mama!

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  1. Cantiknya Sab charms dia! Mira dah berapa lama pujuk boyfriend nak charm bracelet tak dapat2. HAHA

  2. Wahhh. Rasa macam best pula baca sebab2 sab tu. Anis ada jual this kind of bracelet before tp yg cheap quality je la.. Hope utk diri sendiri yg kualiti so tak karat

  3. owh murah jugak dari pandora

  4. Love this post!
    Can't wait to receive mine!
    Kises & hugs,

  5. HI, are you ordered your soufeel from the website? where did it post from?
    Is it safe? Thanks.

    1. hi there, yep, it is safe. :) receive mine safely here! i think they are from the us if i am not mistaken. I forgot.