True White Ex Perfect Protector by ZA Review

What could be better when a product that helps to brighten your skin and also a good base for your makeup that will protects your skin from sun damaged. Usually i will focus on just a product that can help to protect your skin from sun damage. This time, I will show you a product that helps to protect your skin from sun damage as well as giving your skin the other benefits you will need. It is the True White Ex Perfect Protector by ZA with a multi 4-in-1 Perfect Protector that protects your skin from harmful UV rays, Anti-Pollutants, Oil Control & Brightening.

It comes in a white plastic squeeze tube. The white and pink packaging theme reminds me of my favorite skincare range that I have been using religiously during my early 20s. It is from the True White range from ZA. I freaking love that range I swear! This ZA Perfect Protector is formulated with a Pollution Protect Powder. Where it captures and prevents these nasty pollutants (such as Carbon) from reaching your skin or contact directly from your skin. You know how bad our weather these days right. I know you going to love this, as this ZA Perfect Protector will control the oily-ness of your face. It leaves matte on my skin and has loved it so much! This Perfect Protector from ZA also infuses with 3 times of Vitamin C. Which means it helps to brighten your skin. It is such a simple product with lots of goodness in it.

You can see the science behind it here. Below picture shows how this sunscreen blends so well in to m skin. Even tho it has a brightening effect, there is no white reside on my skin. It lease matte and visible to my skin. The texture is not too liquid-y or creamy. Just nice and easy to blend. It has a nice refreshing scent. If you are a True White ZA user, this basically have the same scent as the ranges.

So I guide on how to use this product. Simple. Apply the True White Ex Perfect Protector by ZA after all of your skincare products such as toner and moisturizer or other skincare you may have. After that you can wear your makeup. It is also a good base from your makeup just like a primer. This won't make your makeup feel heavy at all. It's after skincare and before makeup. Easy! This also has a non sticky formula, plus point to that! And even though it gives me a matte effect, it is not drying at all.

Still feeling this is a too much of a step? Let me tell you this. Why is it bad for not wearing sunscreen in your daily basis.
1. Skin becomes thinner
As we aged up, our skin will become thinner and will lead and more exposed to damaged. And yes, especially from sun exposure. Sunscreen can help your skin keep looking young by blocking out the harm from sun rays. As you know, your skin aged faster dues to sun damaged.

2. Stay indoors
Even if you are working indoors, did you know any part of light that you can get from the sun (windows and etc) are also harmful rays. They still can harm your skin and cause damage. So ye, wearing sunscreen right after that nice shower in the morning is compulsory! Always get protected!I always drive around and still thinking that, hey I'm protected by my car roof. Haha! But NO. I will need to wear sunscreen. Those traffic jams are the sun tanning session you get every day that cause damage to your skin.

3. Serious diseases
Sun damage can cause to photo-ageing, wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer (melanoma). And did you know that little sun burn you get from your outdoors activities are already consider ski damage. Wearing sunscreen can help to reduce the damage. In fact getting sunburn just once in two years is enough to increase your skin cancer (melanoma) risk! Erk!

Fun Facts! People who have lighter skin burn much faster compare to people who have darker skin and will need at least 50 SPF in their sunscreen. This True White Ex Perfect Protector by ZA comes in SPF 50 PA++++ ! Yay! To learn more or get yourself the True White Ex Perfect Protector by ZA check out all links below :) If you are a person who does not wear makeup, its ok. You can wear this alone and it is great for outdoors activity too as it is water resistant. Happy going outdoors without worrying about your skin! Sunscreen is the BAE! - Before anything else <3 

This ZA True White Ex Perfect Protector retails for RM32.90 and available at any participating pharmacies or online here - . More info visit :

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  1. Kita pnah try ZA ni, tak berapa sesuai untuk kulit kita since dia macam kering sikit...

    1. Sebab dia ada matte effect and oil control agaknya :)

  2. I love ZA's stuff. I used ZA masa early uni life. Might try this one after my sunscreen habis. But nak tanya, when u use this one u pakai sunscreen biasa jgk tak? If use both mcm too much tak?


    1. I think pakai ni dh cukup dh, no need another sunscreen. :)