Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover Review

I am pretty much already in this Korean Beauty love where I find I have tried quite a number of Korean makeups. One of the best brand out there is Innisfree. I guess you guys know about this brand. Amazing skincare line and makeup products. Of course I have to dive in into their foundation. I love trying out new foundation and always in the look for more and more worth foundation to be repurchase and use. It is said that this foundation is their ground breaking skincare product. Confused? This foundation is said to help keeping your skin healthy but at the same time act as a makeup. Hm. Pretty cool aite It is formulated with ingredient such as Green Tea (good for acne skin), Camellia, Tangerine, and many more. In their Smart Foundation series, there is actually 4 different types of foundation. Mine is the Perfect Cover series which focus on coverage. There is another 3 type which is Super Moisture, Moisture Balancing and Long Lasting.If you have acne skin and at the same tim want a good coverage. Go for this one. 

Please be noted that the tube of this foundation is pretty small. Most foundation comes n a 30ml product bit this one is 15ml. Most people were kinda shock to see the small tube of this foundation especially when they ordered online. But for me, with the price and size, they are a good deal. It comes in a squeeze tube. No problem at getting it out. One thing is that, this foundation have a bit of a herbal scent to it.
A - This is my current skin condition. A bit of acne due to the "aunty visit". Some acne scars and spots. My skin is not really dry or oily. 
B - This is one layer of the foundation. It looks pretty right. I think I should get in the shade 23 instead of 21. I use my flat top kabuki to apply this foundation. I might say coverage is pretty good. Only that it looks unfinished obviously and this transfer a bit when I touch my face. It has a satin finish. (Satin finish : matte to dewy finish)
C - I add some concealer on my spots and top it off with a light weight loose powder. It looks more even now and set.

Overall this is a pretty good foundation. Not a total holy grail but workable and worth to it price. I can see my self reaching for this product more after this when I have breakout or acne on my face as this foundation helps to care for my skin while wearing makeup.
This Innisfree Foundation has 3 different shade to choose from, 13,21,23. Mine is in 21. Each tube contains 15ml of product and they are made in Korea. You can purchase this foundation here - . They retails for 9.68USD (approx RM25.00 - RM30.00).
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  1. Always in love with your pictures! :)

  2. the coverage look good...maybe one day i should try this foundation... :)

  3. Love innisfree products especially their long wear cushion foundation plus great review sab!

  4. Hi! I've been following your blog for sometime.....I'm curious tho, how long will the whole tube last? <3 thanks!

  5. Thanks soo much for giving a before and after picture...its very helpful!

    And the finish looked good on you.

    Does it break you out or clig your the day progressed, does it become streaky or drying or anything?

    Thanks babe