Sudio TVÅ Earphones in White Review

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Now it is about music. I have those moments where I wanted to be alone and just sway away with music I currently love. So an earphone is a way to go. Pampered my self with a cool earphone that I got recently. It is the TVÅ earphone series. A sleek looking earphones that attracts me most s the pouch it came with. At first I wanted the VASA in Rose Gold White .But I don't like the type of ear plug it has. I like the ordinary old fashioned earphone better. It is more comfortable. So I got the gold and white one from the TVA series. This is the Sudio earphone that came all the way from Sweden! 

It came in a box like this. Comes with a warranty card and a manual in a small little box right there. The pouch is leather and it is super cute. It is used to store the earphones in and you can just trow it in your bad without worrying it being damage, smashed by other stuff in your bag. It has a 3-Button Remote (picking up calls, and the the increase/decrease volume buttons). 

I love the gold detailing clip and it looks so cute! The wire it self is flat design so this will make it less tangled when you put it inside the pouch. In terms of sound system, of course. This basically has the best sound I ever experience. 
Which one have caught your eyes? Each set retails for RM249.00. You can purchase this online here - with a standard free delivery fee. Comes in 3 other choice of color too! Use this Sudio Discount Code, and get 15% off your purchase! -  sabrinatajudin 
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