Givenchy Le Rouge-À-Porter Lipsticks Review

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A semi-matte lipstick encased in genuine leather. The look speak for it self. Remind me of my dream bag which is the Antigona. Oh lovely! What could go wrong? Today post is going to be exciting. I'll be featuring 3 gorgeous lipstick from Givenchy. Two of them are in the Le Rouge collection and after 2 years of it has been created another one would be from the newest collection which is the Le Rouge-À-Porter. Read it till the end, you gonna fall in love with it.
The best seller from Givenchy Beauty lipstick which is the Le Rouge Lipstick that comes in 16 amazing shades. From that perfect Nude to that deep plum red. The case it self has it engraved Givenchy logo and the body are made from black genuine leather. Can you see another engraved Givenchy logo on the lipstick itself? I go gaga over it.
Now let's talk about the performance. This lipstick retails for RM130 each. Pretty splurge right? But I think it is worth it. Trust me. When I first try it on my lips. I nearly could not believe my self. It is the most smooth and pigmented matte lipstick ever in just one stroke. It does not make me feel like I am wearing a bright lipstick at all. Feels so natural on my lips and what I really like about it is that it stays. It does not slips or go all over the place even after sipping some drinks. Without eating or drinking, this stays for at least 5 hours. With a bit of drinking and eating, it stays pretty much okay and leave your lips with a residual stain. Its creamy but does not sets into your lines or drying at all. Definitely the most luxurious feeling lipstick I ever tried. The shade I got are the 202 Rose Dressing (coral base pink )and 302 Hibiscus Exclusive (muted neon pink).
Wearing Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing
Wearing Givenchy Le Rouge in 302 Hibiscus Exclusive
After the iconic Le Rouge Lipstick now they come with a new one which are the Le Rouge-À-Porter which is a an easy-to-wear balm. Said to be a unique, ultra sensorial formula that leaves a luminous color and a naturally shiny finish on the lips. The one I got here are the mini one. The actual product comes in a slimmer and longer lipstick case with the same genuine black leather wrapped around the case. It is a;so describe as a whipped lip balm with a sheer finish.
Wearing Givenchy Le Rouge-À-Porter Lipstick in 104 Beige Floral
It is created for a easy-to-wear balm that will nourishing and hydrate your lip. Infused with hyaluronic acid that will protect your lips at the same time giving you that natural-looking color with a subtle-shiny finish. The shade I got is called 104 Beige Floral. A warm nude and with one stoke, it leaves  me with a hint of shiny nude peach.It is a lipstick and a chic fashion accessory for ready-to-wear makeup. Also the perfect balance between lipstick and lip care. 
From left to right : 101 Nude Ultime, 102 Beige Mousseline, 103 Beige Plumetis, 104 Beige Floral, 105 Brun Vintage, 106 Parme Silhouette, 201 Rose Aristocrate, 202 Rose Fantaisie, 203 Rose Avant-Garde, 204 Rose Perfecto, 205 Violine Inspiration, 206 Corail Decolleté, 301 Vermillon Creation, 302 Rouge Atelier, 303 Framboise Griffée, 304 Moka Imprimé
They retails for RM130 each and you can get them at any participating Givenchy beauty counters or Sephora.
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