3D Padded Push up Nubra Review

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Happy Sunday everyone! I'm in a very good mood today because tomorrow would be another holiday. Whichmeans hubby will be at home again hehe. So as promise, I will blog about about some essential I got for my big day which happen early of this month. I believe that most of my readers are female and this kind of product will help you in many ways.

This 3D Padded Push up Nubra are Backless & Strapless. It does not has a strap, so If you wanna wear a open back dress or a top that may always gives you that "strap exposed shape" at the back. This will help you out as it is self adhesive. The outer part are made out of fabric while the inner part are made out of medical grade silicone, the cups are adhesive. The closure are on the front part, that means it helps to push up and give you more control on your cleavage/lifting. They are pretty easy to remove and they are washable. Just simply clean with soap & water, then air dry it. Mine are in beige, they also have it in black. For size, they also have it in different options such as A,B & C.

My thoughts. I was planning to wear this under my other inner. But actually, this are strong enough for itself. You don't need to put anything over it. The adhesive are very strong enough to stay all day long even if you are sweaty. Really recommend this! You can purchase it here (click me) and they retails for RM49.00 each set.

How to use it : Put both cup at the side of your chest and bring it inwards and clip it to secure. You can watch this video below to see more about it.

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