Pobling Mini Ion Applicator Review

What's up! Today post is going to be about a cool beauty gadget that I have tried recently. Especially if you are a skincare junkie and always look for a more better way to apply your skincare or how to make the full out if your skincare routine. Today I am featuring  the latest product from the famous Korean brand, Pobling. Known for its Pore Sonic Cleanser. This simple tool can really make a difference in your skincare routine. Watch my video below to see a little demonstration and how it looks like in a better view!

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This is the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. Comes in 2 different color option which is grey and red. Mine is in grey. Comes in a box like above shown. It describe as a tool that gives out Galvanic Ion from its fine vibration which helps to deliver cosmetics nutrients to your skin. So when you apply your skincare, your skincare will absorb better and penetrates deep into your skin.
Battery sold separately, you will need a triple A battery to turn it on. The body it self is very light, and after I put in the battery, it has a nice weight to hold on. So of course, since it is battery operated, this tool is not waterproof. Just clean it with a clean cloth or tissue after use.
This is the head of the tool. It has a spatula looking thing on top of it from  my opinion and could be use as a spatula to scoop out your skincare out especially the one in jars. The round button look a like n the middle part is not a button This tool will turn on when it touches your skin. The rounded shape head on top of it also just the perfect size to run through small areas o my face. This tool is very lightweight and definitely travel friendly.
This is a simple demonstration on how I use this Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. First of all, I will gently put some amount of skincare to my face. hen I hold the tool gently massage it on my skin. As it get contact with my skin, its starts to vibrate. I repeat the circular motion and outward motion until it is fully absorb. After using it, just wipe clean with a tissue. 
A little bit about Hermo Malaysia. Hermo Malaysia is an online store that has partnered with more than 20 brands locally and internationally. You name it, Sigma, BH Cosmetics, Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Etude House, Laneige and many more are in there. Provide free shipping to semenanjung with minimum purchase of 2 items. How cool is that! Hermo is the first Malaysia webstore that carries all latest products fro Pobling and many other brand too.

This Pobling Mini Iron Applicator are available at Hermo Malaysia for only RM38.00. This tool are made from Korea. You can purchase it here : http://bit.ly/1DILbJi

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  1. macam bagus jugak ni sab. and takdelah mahal kan...

  2. i do have the original pobling rolliB latest gen from Habalan, really love it.. sooo soft n no noise, unlike the fake one.. highly recommended ~ wish bleh update kt blog but tenet lembap gilos. huhu

  3. Thanks for reviewing this item Sabrina, I actually saw Hermo having this item for offer few weeks back. But I was a little sceptical whether it works as how it claims to be. The price is definitely reasonable and tempting, I might get one when it's available in stock. Currently it's out of stock.

  4. Seems nice! Very affordable. Tempted pulak. Hohoho

  5. tempting! hehe thank you for the review babe :)