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**all images are credit to Society6

Assaalamualaikum & hello everyone!

Some of you wonder why there is and "art" at the end of my url. That is pronounced as by-sab-ri-na-art actually. Well, I am a big fan of artistic stuff. Since I was a kid, crayons and coloring book were my best friend. I adore artistic pictures and love to draw. I once have a time lapse painting video in my YouTube but I deleted it because I was not wearing hijab in that video so i have to delete it. I have a planning on making more in the future. But not for now because I am super busy with studies, and really cant wait to finish it this year.

Well, I don't have an iPhone but planning to have one soon. In sya Allah... One thing I adore having an iPhone is the way that you can "dress up" your phone. The variety of cases choices for iPhone is unbelievable. I am going to share with you guys one of my favorite browsing website when I want to get that "inspiration" to draw and illustrate. Well, it is called Society6. It is not mainly a iPhone case shop. Basically its a shop customize from different graphic designer and made it into another form of product like pillows, books and stretched canvas art. One of the most popular product gotta be the iPhone cases.

The price is a lil high for my opinion. 35 US Dollar for each case approx RM112+ for each cases. But what catches my eyes is the design for it. You can see the review from lostandfawed (CLICK HERE) and Frommygreydesk (CLICK HERE) for the product review. From what I can see in the picture is they look pretty good. Vibrant color and look 100% the same as the picture shown in the website.

I do recommend this shop to whoever out there is enthusiasm about art like me. I really love all of the design in that website. Oh how I can't wait to finish this year! I want to start painting again!

Hugs and kisses

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  1. The iphone cases are so nice especially the dream catcher! Too bad I don't own an iphone or else I'll buy all :p

    1. i dont have an iphone too but im just loving all of the cases! hehe....

  2. OMG,these are super duper gorgeous,especially the diamond,galaxy,and the teal glitters one :D But too bad i don't have an iPhone :'( Still saving money to buy an iPhone 4s