Skin & Lab B Plus Trouble-X Cream


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

This cream have been in my last month favorites. I got this from Its actually a cream that emphasise on its vitamins. This cream is mainly abour Vitamin B that claims to be a cream that help to reduce redness on the skin and breakout. What I love about this cream is that is absorb so well and feel so light on the skin. I found it very convenient to include in my skincare routine. The packaging is actually like a "aluminum foil" type of tube that crumbles when your pinch it. Reminds me of the Rebel Benefit Foundation Tube. A little goes a long was. A pea size amount of this cream can cover uo the whole face. I use it during the day before my makeup. Its moisturizing and feel so fresh when wearing it. I love the smell too. I totally recommend this cream to all of you. Go here to find out more - CLICK ME retails for RM49.90.

Hugs and kisses

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