Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Night Jelly Review


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

I came across Naruko website last year and went a lil shopping in there. I bought the a cleanser, a serum and this Night Gelly mainly from the Rose Series. I am really excited for the Night Gelly range. So I bought this one, it is called the Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly. Claims to improve fine lines, dry skin adn large pores. Mainly it is recommend to use during the night. Kinda like a sleeping mask to me. JaaackJack a beauty guru from YouTube sometimes use this during the day when winters coming.  She said that this "Gelly" give her an extra boost of moisturizing. Can't argue with that. Yes, this moisturizer is super moisturizing.

You can feel you skin a lil bouncy and moisturizing in the morning! My pores are also smooth especially the skin  between my nose. This may be a downside to some people, the texture is thick and sticky. I always apply this last after toner and serum. If I slept in an air condition room, this moisturizer help my skin not to dry out.

Sometimes I love to put in the fridge for a few minutes and apply it. It is very very cooling and nice on the skin! But when you press your palm on your cheeks, you can feel the moisturizer is sticky kind of way and sometimes I felt uncomfortable during sleeping knowing there something thick on my skin. It also have a mild rose scent to it. Oh yes, it came with the black spatula you can see on the picture. Pretty handy but I always misplace it. So usually I use a cotton swab/cotton bud to scoop the product out and apply it using my fingers.

I recommend this moisturize or sleeping mask from my opinion to those who have dry skin. Give it a try if you are interested, I bought it here - at RM32.00

Have you tried their Night Gelly? Or what night moisturizer you are currently using?

Hugs and kisses

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