Who Chat, You Chat, Chat What? We Chat?


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

I bet you guys know what I’m talking about! YES! Its about the WeChat apps that is phenomenal! Have you downloaded it? If you haven’t yet download it, PLEASE DO NOW! I totally am addicted to this application! I had so much fun using it! What? Hey! Its FREE! Seriously? Oh yes it is! Lat Tuesday I have been invited to the launching party of WeChat at Neverland Kuala Lumpur. The crowd is mind blowing, the food is awesome and of course the heat is also unbelievable. Haha. 

There were a few great performances during the event but I could not watch it as the crowd is massive. The emcee is pretty cool, he looks like Jack Black. So I just enjoy myself eating cupcakes and other food.

Left : Me & Mr. T | Right : Christine & Jerine & Me!

So what is this We what? We chat! Kami berbual application is all about. It’s kinda like a Social application that get you connect to all of your added contacts. Just like the ordinary message system but much more awesome. You can send message (obviously, send video, live video chat, send cool emoticons! ß(my favorite part) and even send voice message! Just like a walkie talkie. Its super fun! You can also have your own QR Code so other people can add you as a contact easily. Featuring the two awesome ambassador Lisa Suriani and Shaheizy Sam!

I really love the special emoicons!

So why you should not miss this! You must download it now and get chatting! For more information on what phone it supports and all the things you wanna know go to – http://www.wechat.com/en/

Hugs and kisses

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