March 2013 Favorites


Assalamualaikum & hello ladies!
Its April! No joke! So let's move on to my Monthly Favorites!!!

1. Skin & Lab Vitamin B Plus Trouble-X | RM49.90
I never tried vitamin B cream. So this is fairly new to me. Got this from They have alot of Vitamin cream range in their website. Go check them out. I choose the vitamin B because it helps to combat breakout and redness. I use this during my night time skin care. I love how its easily spread and how it feels on my skin!

2. Real Technique Blush Brush | RM40.00+
One of my first purchase from RealTechniques! I love this brush so much! If you want a soft not so visible blush effect this brush is the one! Not suitable for contoring tho but yes to natural finish blush! Super soft and fluffy I am going to... Ok , I just love this brush!

3. Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproff Mascara
Love how its lengthen and separate my lash nicely. The downside is, it is hard to remove but I still like it because how it makes my lash stand out nicely.

4. Silkygirl Pure Smooth Pressed Powder | RM9.90
The most cheapest affordable powder ever! Mattifies my face so well and love how it does not leave white cast on my skin. Just perfectly nice and smooth. It does not stay long but I still love how it feels on my skin!

5. Vincci + Nude Pumps | RM50.00
GOT THIS ON SALE! Retails for RM220+ actually but it was on sale for only RM50! How am I surprise that these heels are so comfortable! Pretty new to my monthly favorites but I really love this heel last month!

See you guys soon!
Take care lovelies!

Hugs and kisses

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