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Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

If you have been reading my blog you guys know I am addicted to Pinterest. Pinning all the stuff i love and just killing time with it. I found Pinterest is a nice place to chill and get a lot of inspiration. One of the favorite part of searching through Pinterest is looking through room inspirations. When it comes to room inspirations I love wood flooring! You bet! I would love to have wood flooring in my future house. Although i love colors especially pinks and glitters, i always coming back to the basic, WHITE. I am a person who hate dark places and love love love sunlight. I love bright places.

My dream is to have a own closet / office room of my own. A walk in wardrobe with a lil office space for me. I am a home person, and I would love to have a job of my own by just having to be in my room for the whole day. Above is some inspiration picture I would love to have for my closet/office room. Yes, an iMac would be a pleasure to have! Big mirrors and a big wide windows brights up the place. When it comes to choose a house in the future, windows is a big issue for me. Important.  A DIY clothes hanger would be nice as a start, Ikea PAX wardrobe would be a wishlist when I have extra money. Check out my Pinterest if you are interested!

Do you have a dream space that you would love to have in your home? What is that?
*Pictures credit from Pinterest

Hugs and kisses

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