Shiseido Perfect UV Protector 360°


Assalamualaikum & hello ladies!

One of my resolution for this year is to wear sunscreen! Am i kidding? Not at all! yes! I admit it that i have neglected my skin to open UV rays. No no! not good! Sun screen is very very important. You have to wear it because the harmful UV rays that "attacked" your skin everyday can cause you skin cancer. Wanna know more about sunscreen, i got it covered here - click me.

When it come to sunscreen, i love a sunscreen that gives 100% protection, feel comfortable on the skin and does not leave a white cast on the face. YES! I found one, that is the Shiseido Perfect UV Protector 360°. What I love about this sunscreen is, it is easy to apply, not thick at all. Feels light on the skin and the most importantly, does not leave a white cast. It is really easy to apply, the texture of the liquid is very runny. The scent of this product is just like the usual sunscreen scent.

What is claims to be is this Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ is a very water-resistant sun protection lotion that provides reliable defense against UV rays while offering advance skincare benefits. Ideals for face and body and especially formulated for strong sunlight conditions.

The special about this sunscreen is, it is water resistance. Totally recommend to you girls out there who wanted to go swimming during the hot day. Protect your skin girls! hey, and you boys out there too ok? Retails for RM130 in West Malaysia and RM135 in East Malaysia at any Shiseido beauty counter.

The perfect 360 photo contest is up! Don't forget to vote! Go to - CLICK ME to find out more!

Hugs and kisses

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  1. wow wow wow, our sunscreen resolution is the same! i only started to be more (definitely) concerned about putting on a sunscreen after i read your sunscreen post about the SPF value ^_^ it taught me a lot about sunscreens, thanks to you sabrina :)

    1. aw..nothing makes me happy than knowing my post is helpful to my reader! love you dear! <3

  2. same goes here!! practicing everyday to apply sunscreen. im using banana boat with spf 110 PA+++

  3. This looks good, really want to try this out now. Great review btw :)


  4. I haven't worn sunscreen before. i'm just really lazy lol
    nice review btw! this sounds like a great product! :)
    btw, I'm having a cc cream giveaway on my blog. Here's the link, just in case you want to enter :D

    ♔ CC Cream Giveaway ♔