3CE Lip Marker in Orange Review


As you know. I am a fan of 3CE products. I don't know why. I love the makeup concept and how varieties of makeup they have. Today I will review one of their products which is their Lip Marker. It is describe as a marker type lip product which allows you to draw sophisticated lines or reapply easily. It said that this lip marker will help you to apply easily and immediately melts onto lips without leaving sticky residue with a long lasting color on to your lips.

What I like about it. It has a nice firm felt tip and makes "drawing" and filling in my lips easily. Obviously. You have practice writing and using marker all your life. Haha. It has a thin texture, how do I say this. Like a color tint type of product. Just a slight drying finish, but not too drying.

What I don't like about it. I don;t think I can rock orange lips. I look so washed out and weird. I also don't have a oppa oppa or korean girl face. Haha. Weird lip colors makes me look weird. I wish I could pull off orange lip. So wearing this along does not look good on me. But. See my overall and thought on how I overcome this.

Overall & Recommendations. Great for you if you are looking for a lip product for that gradient lip effect.As you can see in the last picture. The first one on the left is a full on application with the lip marker. The second (middle), the one that looks crazy. I put on my favorite sheer concealer around my lips. After that I blend it it by using padding motions. The last picture on the right is the finish look. I find that it looks super awesome and nice. It give me this nice peachy natural orange kinda lip effect. So if I am going to wear this lip product. I will need to use a concealer around it for that more natural looking kinda lip. If you have fair skin or dark skin, I think you can wear this color alone. They also have in other colors such as Red & Pink.

Name : 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker in Orange
Price : RM88.00
Made in Korea

Have you tried 3CE Lip Marker?
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