Celebrating Mr. T birthday


He is a happy boy! <3

Nom Nom Nom Nom...

Full tummy is a happy tummy.

Assalamaulaikum & hello everyone!
Mr T is getting older! February is the month of my favorite man in the world! His birthday is just after my father birthday. I love you both. :) So after a weeks of researching and planning what to do on his birthday, this came out. Nothing big just a little time together enjoying movies and food!

We celebrate it at our favorite restaurant. Seoul Garden! Getting the enthusiasm of going to Korea next year! In sha Allah... Well, we like grilled and spicy food. Bonus for the fun + self service cooking! It is just fun and yummy! But it was quite disappointing  our favorite lamb is not serve. We though that Seoul Garden back in our hometown is much better. There are more varieties of choices. Tom Yum Extra Spicy is just the BOMB!

Then we went to TGV at One Utama. Same building different wing. Convenient, well planned. ;) I ever wanted to try the bean bag cinema. We watched Beautiful Creatures. Thumbs up for this movie! The price is quite reasonable comparing to iMax which I really really don't like. I hate 3D movies. I only prefer to watch 3D for cartoon movies. The price are fixed for 2 seats. Which are RM44. Well... to my expectation. I kinda love+hate the seats. The bean bag is quite stiff not fluffy or comfy but just nice. And the seats are made out of this kinda thick leather material which I don't like. Kinda make me sweaty. Overall over hours in the cinema, I kinda enjoy watching it. The space is wide and comfy. To my surprise, there were no one in there. The cinema is only filled with me & Mr. T and another couple. We kinda conquer the cinema! Hehe... Maybe people don't know about these beanieplex and the movie offered of this week are only Beautiful Creatures and another Chinese movie. Not much of a choice.I would go and watch the next movie next time again.

Lastly we celebrate the last night of Mr. T birthday at The Curve for some little candle blowing. Will blog more about this gigantic cupcake on the next coming post! I end this post with my OOTD (what I wore on that day)!

Inner Awning - Night Market
Maroon Peplum Top - BerryBow @ Fashion Valet
Skirt - Night Market

Hugs and kisses

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