Livin' Large Red Velvet Cake @ Cupcake Chic


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!
Continuation to previous blog post! So the last treat for my Mr. T is his favorite cake of all time. We have been always go to Cupcake chic at Ampang Pint for our favorite Red Velvet cupcake. It is just the best red velvet I every tried! So why not go large? You can see more details on how to order this Livin' Large Cake here. I ordered it online together with all the extras, Happy Birthday candles, fondant letters and extra cheese feeling.

First impression on the cupcake I pic up at The Curve. It was a little out of my expectation  It was kinda small and rounded. Cupcakes aren't suppose to be round is it.. My friend thought it was a coconut cake... 
-_-... I hope the base would be more of a cupcake shape and the frosting would be more whipped. But I love how it is packed in a cute stripe sturdy box with comes in handy. Of course! We can't finish the whole cake that night. So he bought it home. I choose to pick it up at The Curve because they have seating facilities. So we kinda celebrate it there. You can also request and order plates & drinks. The staff over there are friendly.

Overall, I love the cake although it looks like a coconut. The taste is absolutely delicious and Mr. T is very happy. That is enough for me! <3

Hugs and kisses

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