Arty Professional Event at Busaba Heavenly Thai


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!
Well... Last month I have been invited to the Arty Professional event at Busaba Heavenly Thai at Bangsar Shopping Center. Arrived late because I was confuse between Bangsar Shopping Center and Bangsar Village. I thought they were the same place. Pity me. The theme was "Stylish in Black" fits on such a romantic restaurant. Pretty dimmed light and dark which worries me. Yala... I only have my Blackberry as my camera mah.. no high tech high tech camera such DSLR. every time! some bloggers asked me where is my dslr... ( -_-) But I manage to take some pictures that oh well. I think it was ok. Sorry for such a low quality images. Bare with me! Haha. I'll buy a nicer camera next time okay...

As I arrive, sweet Elaine could not even recognize me as I already wear hijab. Hehe. She was so sweet, she was the master for most beauty brand events. Thank you Elaine for always inviting me. Really appreciate it... As I arrive most seats have been taken. And as usual, I'm alone... Sitting at the side watching everyone mingle with each other. I felt a lil alien on that day because I was the only Hijab girl there. where everyone is staring at me...... i smiled but they aren't. maybe because they are shy... probably... Enough with the story.

The food was great! Love it! They serve it by courses. Love the dessert, sorry did not manage to take picture as I was in a hurry at the end of the event. This happens when you are a part time blogger. ;)

Arty Professional is well know brand from Thailand. It is the Top brand used in Thailand after another well know world brand. Arty Professional always emphasize on the important of a good based. They have a primers called Complexion Modifier. Comes in 4 shades that fits any skin needs. Will review personally soon! From Face color (eyeshadow look alike pan that can be use mostly on eyelid or even face), lipgloss, lip balm  lipstick, nail lacquer, blusher, bronzer, face powder and many more.

Look at me....... watching everyone........... =P
 But then Jess arrive and she sit on the same table as me as she though we could move a lil closer as there were an empty table in front. Thank you Jess. :)

Taken from Arty Professional FB Page Arty Event Album
Demostration from 

The primers or  also know as the complexion modifier

The complexion modifier is used before foundation. Mint green to correct
The face brightener powder.
The finish look.

Well I have a lot of fun anyways... Jane, Ashley, Nana and her gang where there..... I did not get the chance to take picture with them as I was waiting for Jane to come back. I don't know where she was gone. :( Hope I can meet her again. Oh yes! She is super pretty! <3 More info you can check out Art Professional Facebook page. :) Wanna see more photos? Click here. my buncit photo also there LOL!

Hugs and kisses

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  1. I love the texture of those eyeshadows, almost reminds me of Sleek's eyeshadow palettes. I think you look beautiful in hijaab :D

    1. thank you imah! <3 i seriously love my new look in many terms. i feel more respected and safe.. ;)

  2. Wah.. bestnyer pergi event :) I just love.. how they manufactured the primer into tiny balls and contain it in a see trough bottle :)

    It looks so cute!

  3. macam best the complexion modifier tu. you look so gorgeous in hijab, sab! :)

    1. boleh tahan jugak.. nnti sab review! <3 thank you dear! <3

  4. How to get invited to such event! So fun!!! :)

    1. sometimes there having a contest and calls! when you post sometime dont forget to share! ;)