January 2013 Favorites


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!
I know I know. Its been a week since I posted my Monthly Favorites. The first month of 2013! Here we go!

1 Juju Aquamoist C Whitening Lotion (RM55.90+)
My new love in my skincare routine! Among? I mean the best toner I ever tried! I never regret buying this although it was quite pricey. Because most liquid like water product run out fast. I was very interested with the Vitamin C contains in the toner as well as the Whitening range. But I think I love the toner best than others. Its not sticky, very refreshing, 1-2 drops is enough to cover my whole face with a single round cotton face pad. I find my skin is getting better this year! <3 Will review soon! ;)

2 Victoria Secret Body Mist in Lost in Fantasy (RM50.00+)
This month most grabbed fragrance. I keep changing perfumes or body mist evry month, because I may get bored with one scent the whole time. I think Im in love again with this body mist last month. This is the old version of the Victoria Secret Body Mist Secret Garden. Did you know Victoria Secret store is open at Johore Premium Outlet too? I heard a bottle of body mist cost RM50.00.

3 Sigma Buffer F45 Brush (RM60.00+)
I find myself loving a soft powder look last month. So this buffer brush is amazingly perfect! Buff in lightly powder to my face. Soft and fluffy! Review done - here

4 Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly (RM39.00)
I did a lil shopping at Naruko online shop. I bough quite a few items. Really interested in the Night Gelly range. It is like a night moisturizer that act like a mask. The texture is quite like a jelly. Love how it spead easily on my face, I can really feel my skin is moisturize the whole night even when I woke up in the morning my skin is supple and moisturize. It really does deliver. My skin is getting a lil brighter. Will review more soon! ;)

5 Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth Spray (RM17.80)
Although I have already wear hijab, I do take care of my hair. After washing and hair dry I spray this on my hair and leave it to dry. It retains the moisture of my hair and my hair is perfectly smooth and smells good too! The whole range - here

What's your monthly favorites? Do leave a link if you have a blog post about it! <3

Hugs and kisses

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  1. i am using Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Night Gelly too totally like the smell & it really hydrating my skin~

  2. Sigma Brushes is soooo a must have :)

  3. suka dengan VS Lost in Fantasy. :) sab, Juju Aquamoist C Whitening Lotion tu teksturnya sama tak dgn Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion?

    1. nope, different sgt... hada labo tu melekit and lebih pekat toner dia. sab xberapa suka. yg juju ni dia lebih pada jenis air tp bkn cm sir... hehe... cm ne tu? nantikan review sab on this. ;)

    2. haha.. faham dah. ok, saya tunggu review sab pasal Juju ni. :)

  4. wslm... thank you and wow. you have an awesome talent there! i have been dying to draw portraits! but i guess its a special gift that only some people get... ;)