Best Buy World Unboxing Haul #1

Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone!
I know you guys have read my previous blog post about BBW! Its a place where you can get awesome deals for makeup, skincare and other stuff! Here is my haul! See what I got in the mail! ;)
My items have been package nicely! No mess not broken items. No problem with shipping service! Even got free shipping via Pos Laju! Fhew! Glad! Every of my item have been packed nicely with bubble wrap. Hehehehe. I almost forgot to take picture as I was so excited! I got the Party Makeup Set. I got an important event this March! Wink2! So I really need a compact items during the event because its an dinner event. I don;t want to bring large handbags. A nice clucht will do. These items are perfect to store in. Told you they have a great gift sets or even sets for yourself in any occasion  Going travel? They have it all! Go to Best Buy World to find out more!

Wanna know more about my gift sets? Wait for my next review post! I'm excited!

Hugs and kisses

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