O'slee Honey Sugar Mask Review


Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone!
Honey is a well know food product that have a lots of benefits. The natural sweetness is just amazing! I can eat it alone with my bare hands like pooh bear! As sugar is a natural food that actually a great way to use as a scrub. When both are combined, they are just pretty awesome! You can make one at home but it would be less trouble if you can have one at home that last for a long period of time! Scoop and put on ya face! O'slee Honey Sugar Mask claims to be a mask. But I find my self it is more like a scrub. The box is written in a foreign language which i don't understand except for the numbers that may said it should be worn around 5-10 minutes.

I spread it on my face and leave it for 10 minutes. It felt super sticky! I don't like the feeling of it. But wait! Did you see the yellow orange sponge that it comes with? I was like, what is this for! Bath time is it? I was totally wrong! The sponge is amazingly awesome! It will expand and become soft if its wet and become hard when it dries. After 10 minutes I lightly rub my face with the sponge. It felt so gooooooood! I can feel it scrub my face in a very gentle way. It feel so good. How many time do I have to say this. Gheeesh! Then I rinse off my face with water. My skin felt so moisturize and clean! I use it 1-2 times a week. I really love this mask. It comes with a small spatula ans the sponge. The packaging is so cute. It looks like a honey pot and its made out of heavy glass type material.1 and a half scoop is enough for the whole face.

Product Rating : ★★★★★

It retails around RM49.00+  and you can purchase it at O'slee Malaysia online shop soon! It have not yet been launch here officially. More info check out their Facebook page to get the latest updates.

Thank you O'slee for this amazing mask and all of the goodies inside! There were alot of samples! I think I would like to share it to my lucky beloved readers.
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Open Internationally. 
**Expect for Israel (because Malaysia courier service are restricted to post item to that country for some reasons.)

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