Vanity Trove February 2013 Edition

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!
When its February I'll guess you love birds out there are excited. Well, I'm excited for February too, not because of Valentines Day (I don't celebrate it) it is because its my father and Mr. T birthday! ;) My Vanity Trove for February have arrive!!! Excite, yes I am. This is my first Vanity Trove box and I pretty curious about what inside!

The box is super nice! Well, as usual its pink! and the presentation of items are very very nice. It smells so nice too! When I opened it, the box is filled with such a lovely scent! Lovely! All item are packed nicely. I'm pretty impress. Thank you Valerie for the sweet message!

(Top Row ,from Left to Right)
1. B.Liv Off With Those Heads Blackheads Sebum Gel 3ml Sample Size
A best seller product from B. Liv. I have seen this product quite a long time, and I have tried it one where I got a smaller sample from a magazine. It was a pretty good product but I can't remember the effectiveness. But what I can remember is I love it. Glad I get to try it again.
Full Size Product PriceRM139 30ml, RM179.90 45ml

2. Benefit The POREfessional Primer 7.5ml Sample Size
Of all items I get, this is the one that I'm super excited about! Its a Benefit primer that I have been wanting for so long but did not get the chance to try it. I heard a lot of raves towards it! Its a 7.5ml product which I think a good size for a sample!
Full Size Product Price RM115 22ml

3. Candy
A sweet candy that you can chew! LOL! I love how they put extra surprise item in the box! <3

(Bottom row, Left to Right)
4. Wella System Professional Smoothen Shampoo 30ml Sample Size
Well, a travel size shampoo I guess. I got the Smoothen. I think different people gets different types because there were 3 types of shampoo listed. Color Save, Repair, and Smoothen. I'm looking foward to try this shampoo. :)
Full Size Product Price RM65 for 250ml

5. Wella System Professional Smoothen Mask 30ml Sample Size
Same as the shampoo, Im also looking foward to use this together with the shampoo.
Full Size Product Price RM100 for 250ml

6. Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Moisturising Body Wash 25ml Sample Size
The smell of this body wash is not like any other rose scent product. It was pretty nice. Well, I think I have been filled with rose scented product since early of this year. Haha. A good product where I can toss in my bag for travel! Nice one!
Full Size Product Price RM69 250ml

7. Oriks Wild Gingseng Stemcell Twister Essence 5ml Sample Size
Claims to be like a primer, reduces visible pores while hydrating and nourishing skin. Comes along with the next product. Will try this soon.
Full Size Product Price RM218 (35ml)

8. Oriks BB Cream 2ml x2 Sample Size
Yeah! BB Cream! I love BB Cream! The full Size product is quite interesting. The product is presented like a swrill thingy cant explain what how... haha! I love this one! Can't wait to try. The actual size price is quite expensive. So I'll be guessing this is a good sample to use as  a tester first! <3
Full Size Product Price RM108 35ml

Description Booklet
Oriks Essences & BB Cream
B.Liv Off with those heads sebum gel
Wella System Professional Smoothen Shampoo & Mask
Benefit POREfessional Primer
Di Palomo Tuscan Rose

Overall I quite like it, but... there were like similar types of product in one edition. I think most of them are like primers. Well they are not likely a specific primer but they act like one. Brand wise was good. Yay for Benefit product in it! I wish there were more makeup products. Price wise, it was ok. It you do the math, it was quite worth it, because most of them are quite expensive. I would give this month Vanity Trove a 4 star rating. :)


Hugs and kisses

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  1. the packaging is sooo nice. love it

  2. waaaah!!! cantiknya dan untung sangat awak!

  3. Hello dear :) nice your blog and cute box! love all products :) now follow you with pleasure;) if you want me to go!

    Kiss Tea.

  4. the pore fessional!! oh oh bestnya *melting