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Salam everyone and hello everyone! Don't be shock! Yes this is BySabrinart Blog. I started to makeover my blog and have my own domain name! Yeah! The blog is still inprogress, the makeover havent done 100% sucessful, so just wait and be suprise!

Last Saturday I was invited to the Systema Blogger event. It was super fun! I meet alot of bloggers there! We were taught on how exactly to choose the right toothbrush. A very good even indeed. I learn so many things there. Did you know that how old you are or what type you are, you still have to choose a soft bristle brush. Yes. There are hard/medium toothbrush out there but the best tooth brush is the toothbrush that have the perfect/right size of bristle. Like Systema, all of their toothbrush have the prefect/right bristle size. The is to ensure it can be "fit" into the part to clean your tooth from the food that you ate. As soft toothbrush may not suits your preference, they have 5 ranges to choose from to ensure it fits your needs! From different handle and sizes to choose from!

Systema Sensitive Toothbrush
The Sensitive Toothbrush is specially designed to control the pressure and relief the stress for sensetive teeth sufferers. For a soothing and comfortable clean. This toothbrush have a longer bristle in the middle part. More softer than the others.

Systema BI Level Toothbrush
 2 Level bristle helps to clean the surface of the teeth in between teeth and along the gum-lines superbly. This toothbrush have a more shape of the britsle. The colored bristle are shorter than the white ones. This will give more grip to the surface of your teeth while brushing.

Systema Full Head Toothbrush
 The full head toothbrush are a larger head size for a wider reach. The britsle are flat and wide. 

Systema Comfort Toothbrush
 The regular size toothbrush for a more comfortable clean. Of all these fives brushes this one is the lightest. The bristle are flat like the full head version but smaller.

Systema  Compact Toothbrush
 Among all these five this one is this toothbrush have a smaller head.Look similar to the full head shape but in a small version. Specially designed with a small or compact head size to reach and clean every part of your exposed teeth easily

During the event, we were invited to eat first! Other than to make our tummy happy the purpose it to get our teeth dirty! Love the food!

We were given 2 toothbrush to try out after we ate. The two tooth brush is the expensive looking toothbrush called curvy and the another one is slim. It was fun! We all were kinda loving the comfort of the curvy toothbrush actually. The slim one does the job on cleaning but not really feeling the comfort.

Then were were taught by Ms Goh Cheng Looi the senior brand manager on the actually brush we need! We were wrong, although the curvy brush does give a pleasant feeling but it does not clean very well. The right brush we need is the slim ones! The perfect size brush bristle 0.02 that Systema have in their toothbrush range. Brushing your toothbrush aggressively are also a no no. This will cause your enamel to weaken and cause it to be more transparent. Resulting your teeth will be more yellow looking.

Overall :
I never tried a soft bristle toothbrush, but this event taught me alot and I already switch my tooth brush to Systema! I love the BI Level and the Sensitive ones! I can feel it really does the job in cleaning my teeth! Switch your toothbrush to the soft and right size toothbrush bristle now! 

SYSTEMA is sponsoring a facebook page called KEEP SMILING to giveaway free toothbrush to fans (

Answer simple question at the link provided below to get FREE toothbrush!

Hugs and kisses

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