D.I.Y Ombre Summer Canvas Bag


Salam & hello everyone! Yeah to DIY! I have been waited for so long for a craft arty fart blog post! So many ideas but so little time! Today I am going to teach you how to make a easy begineer level ombre canvas bag. You can make it for yourself or make it as a gift to someone special! The canvas bag I got it from this shop called NoDesignerhere. Let's get on with the materials needed!

Materials need for the Ombre' canvas bag project
Materials require : 

Canvas Bag
I got it from a shop called No Designer here. Click here to check out her store! She have different styles of plain bags you can choose from. Mine are in Type 004.

Craft paint
I got it from an art store called Papier at The Curve Damansara and Art Friend at The Gardens Mid Valley. These craft paints are a all purpose paints that can be use at any surface. The brand I am using is from Martha Stewart. I choose one main color (Color Code : Mardis Gras Beads in Satin) and a white color to tone it down (Color Code : Wedding Cake in High Gloss). Optional, Black (Color Code : Beetle Black) to add some patterns.

Fabric Medium
This is also optional. This is like a "medium" that you use with the craft paint to gives the paint more nicer on the fabric. The medium can add more effectiveness to make the fabric washable and softer. This is optional. This is also from Martha Stewart.

The ordinary plastic palette,you can also use a cardboard or even a plate. Nothing fancy will do. Just a surface where you can mix your paint.

Masking Tape
This is used to make the line for this project. It helps to create that sharp crips edge. No drawing require, this helps to prevent messy lines and paints!

I got this from a craft store called Art Friend. Cost RM1.20 each. You can also use the ordinary sponge that uses to wash your dish. I choose this because its have a handle and you can reuse and wash it.

Use the masking tape to create the lines. Place it nicely and neatly!
I create a different size of lines to make it more nicer perhaps. Hehe. 
Prepare the paints. Add more white to create new color, mix with the Fabric Medium as you like. The medium will make it softer, no water require!
Cut a capboard the same shape as the size of the bag. Place it inside the bag to make a protection surface while painting. We don't want messy result ok!?
The fun part! Paint the bag using patting motion! this will create more vibrant looking color and prevent streaky looking paints. Don't worry! The masking tape will prevent it from getting messy!
Continue by adding more different color. Add white color paint to the main color to create this ombre tone color.
Wait till it dries! Tik Tok Tik Tok!
Another fun part. Well, DIY is all about fun right... Peel the masking tape when the paint dries. 
This is optional, create a stencil by cutting your favorite shape!. Here I cut a simple heart shape with an ordinary plain paper. Typo there. Sorry.
Again! Patting motion! Be careful because this is not a masking tape, messy result may occurs, so patting it slowly okay...
Then take it off! gently...

Tada~~ Done! 

Me wearing the bag! 

You can get the canvas bag at No Designer Here Shop. Below are some of different type of bags she offered!

Email : miera_610@yahoo.com 
Whatsapp : 017 6229335

What do you think of my DIY? If you like it I would love to do more!

Hugs and kisses

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