Wishlist Wednesday #3


Salam sisters & hello ladies!
Its Wednesday, its Wednesday! Wanna know what I want? Let get on to the list! As usual i kinda prepare this 2-3 days before, some of them I have bought it. hehe...

1. Arraynaa Shawl from Tudung People 
My heart beat fast when they launch this! It has been selling like hot cakes last year! I did not get the chance to grab some. :( But this year I manage to grab some! Yeah! I have been wanting this for a very very very long time. Tudung People has been my favorite shop to get hijabs as I really love their materiel that is pretty opaque, not see through, and very breathable. I'm waiting for them to launch the white lace edition. That one is pretty too and totally in my wishlist! The short lace cost RM48 and the longer lace cost RM68. You can buy it here.

2. Bath & Body Works 3 Wicks Candles
This would be a wishlist item that I might not looking forward to grab in this short time. I know this is quite a heavy item and may not be suitable to be post internationally. :( I love getting my room smells like heaven! I saw so many people have these in their room and I really really want to have them! I love how they have a lot of scent to be choose from! Oh I really wish to have these! I think I need to book my self a holiday to USA. Does this available in the UK? You can check this item here .

3. Chanel Medium Flap Bag in Black Caviar Leather
Oh my. The perfect bag of all time. Past to generation to generations. This is totally gonna be in my wishlist until I can get the chance to have this! The price is increasing year by year. :( The last time I ask they cost RM9k+ but noe ts already increase to RM15k+. So inspire by Hanis Haizi (my business mentor <3), I its my affirmation. I WILL OWN THIS BAG ONE DAY!

4. Martha Stewart Acrylic All Purpose Paint
I dont know if you guys know that I am an art enthusiast! I love to paint and do craft as my hobbies. Well art is quite an expensive hobby. hoho. If I get the chance, I want to start collection my Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints Collection. Love this stuff, you can use it anywhere. Its a all purpose paint and waterproof. Its available at Art Friend Mid Valley and you can get cheaper at Papier The Curve Damansara. Retails around RM12-RM18 each.

5. Real Techniques Brushes
Influence by my favorite YouTuber Zoella over and over again, I really want more Real Technique brushes. I really want the Eye Sets & Face Sets.I am quite satisfy with theses brushes. They look expensive yet quite affordable! Love to continually collect them all.

What is you wishlist? Share the link below and I can read them! <3

Hugs and kisses

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  1. Oh really interesting wishlist!


  2. The lace shawl looks pretty! :) And I wish to get the makeup brushes too!

  3. that bag does caught my eyes...never own a branded bag yet!

    1. me too.... yet! hehe... affirm it and it will come true! <3

  4. Replies
    1. mesti grab! habis cepat mcm goreng pisang panas! hehe...

  5. saya cuma ada 2 biji 3-wick BBW candle je. yg lain cuma mini candle. beli online mahal la, sab. huhu... nanti sab pegi USA ke? nak kirim.(menyibuk je saya ni kan). hehe.. teringin nak cuba real technique brushes. tengah survey siapa jual harga rendah.teehee...

    1. best nyaaa! mesti syg kan nk bakar.. hehe... mana ada nk pergi, tp nk pergi! kalau ada rezeki sab bagi bufday present kat awk candle BBW sbb selalu rajin dtg n comment kat blog post saya... hehe... <3

    2. memang syg, sab. sejak beli sampai skrg belum bakar lagi. ngee.. oohh, ingatkan sab nak pegi USA. dah excited nak kirim. hahaha..(malu saya). aww..bufday present. itu saya suka. lalala.. :p (lariiiiik...)

    3. doakan kejayaan sab ya... murah rezeki sab, murah rezeki pembaca blog sab. leh wat giveaway byk2! hehe.... <3

    4. semoga sab sentiasa success. Amin.:) <3