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Salam sisters and hello ladies! 
A wonderful Friday to all of you! Its friday friday gotta get down on friday, partay in paytayy in YEAH!~ Oh I should stop. This is a perfume bottle, not a snow cone ladies. yes It does look tasty and yes, it is tasty in term os the scent. Don eat ok. Fiorucci is a well know brand for awesome shoes. Started in 2001, Naomi Campbell who created a capsule collection and then reached a peak with the unexpected participation of the Swedish brand Ikea to the concept stores development.

"To pursuit this audacious spirit of renewal, Fiorucci captured young consumer’s desires and created, the Ice cream concept: an attractive and colorful collection, playing around the gourmand imaginary of ice cream. This innovative concept was so inspiring that a perfume was naturally created using exactly the same malicious and sparkling codes. A frozen ‘pomme d’amour’ ice cream, a crispy cone and a magical trail… the Icy Fantasy perfume was born!"

I got to say, I love the design of the bottle! Its pink, playful and super cute! It looks like a snow cone to me. The name Icy Fantasy totally resemble the scent! Its fresh and sweet! I can wear it day or night! Its a light scented perfume, if you wanna go for a subtle scent during the night. No overpowering scent and not too sweet. The round shape of the bottle make it easy to hold and spray. Fiorucci is well know with a quirky cute design! I love to put this at my vanity! Looks so cute! <3 When I first spray it, I really notice the strawberries scent, I love how it smells so fresh! The scent last about 3-4 hours.

Top notes : Wild strawberries, Granny Smith Apple & Raspberry Lollipop
Middle notes : Tea Rose, Violet & peach
Base notes : Vanilla, Musk & Sandalwood

Icy Fantasy by Fiorucci are available at :
Fiorucci Boutique Lot S-228, 2nd Floor, 
The Gardens Mall

Price of Fiorucci Icy Fantasy Eau de Toilette 50ML – RM169

Hugs and kisses

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