Wishlist Wednesday #5


Salam & hello everyone! Welcome to my favorite series in my blog called the Wishlist Wednesday! My wishlist for this week would be the new Maybelline Color Tattoo in the Metal collection. We don't have this yet in Malaysia. Even in the permanent line, we only have 8 shades out of 10. Pretty sad and I hope they bring the other 2 shades in and this collection. And Temptalia said this is not a Limited Edition collection. Phew. I was pretty sad that I miss the Moss Green shade in the 2012 Fall collection. It was a very pretty mossy green color, perfect for a brown eyed look.

I find that all five colors in this collection is a must have. The color is suitable and I find it is not to bold or bright. Perfect for day or night. The most shade I want would be the Barely Branded and Inked in Pink.
Lets hope this available soon in Malaysia!

What is your wishlist for this week?

Hugs and kisses

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  1. I am getting addicted to your wishlist Wednesday post :P

  2. cantikla color dia..harap2 kt malaysia akn sampi cepat2.. hee

  3. I have Inked in Pink, and it's perfect for simple day makeup! :D (Can create the ulzzang looks, hehe) I love your Wishlist Wednesday posts too! <3

  4. as soon as many more colors from Maybelline color tattoo line arrives in Malaysia, I can see myself stocking up my collection. hehe~ I really want Pomegranate Punk though, and it's not even here :'(

  5. ini la Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal yg saya bgtau dulu dalam blog saya. cantik kan? saya suka Gold Rush, Barely Branded & Inked in Pink. teringin nak beli dulu tapi mahal. RM35++ untuk sebiji tu. no no no... better tunggu mana tau kena bawa masuk nanti kan.. hehe...

    1. aah cantik! aah.. kat online mahal sket.. sbb shipping and all that.. kat ebay pn mahal... :(


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