Cosmoderm Appreciation Dinner | Launch Tea Tree Oil Range


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Last few days I have attend a appreciation dinner event with Cosmoderm. A home grown halal beauty products that have been here in Malaysia for quite sometimes! Famous for its Vitamin E makeup remover and more! The event were held at Hotel Royal, near Lot 10. I went there with Sabby and Piqa! My lovely and pretty duo's! We did not expect that we need to dress to the nines to the event. Hehe. Everyone who came to the dinner were all dress up in dresses and tuxes!  Love how hollywood style the decoration is! I'm walking on a red carpet bebeh!

As the event went along, we were served with delicious Chinese cuisine. Yummy! Its a 8 course meal! Love the steam fish and prawns. Yummy! We were all of course gain weight that night. Haha. During the event also CEO and Founder of Cosmoderm, Mawarni Hassan gave us a speech, telling us about how Cosmoderm build their success. You can look at below video about it! It is really an inspiring story for me!

Cosmoderm were establish in 2002 and have been grown ever since. They gain Halal Sijil in 2005 until present. They look forward in creating a beauty product that is halal (no animal derivatives) that is effective as well as affordable. Below is the video of their success journey from 2002 till 2013.

Here are my lovely duo's! They were with me during the event! Can't stop giggling and talking the whole night while enjoying the foods! 

Along with that Cosmoderm highlight about their Tea Tree Oil Series. Its a series focus on acne problems, for your face as well as your body. Consist of Cleanser, Lotion, Body Wash and many more. Do check out their product! Currently I am using the body wash, super love the scent! Now I can treat my back acne problem! Will review them in the future!

Do you love Tea Tree Oil products?
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  1. what a classy event! The food looks yummy as well! Wow, you girls look so pwettyyy~
    I heard about this brand for quite sometime now. the body wash sounds interesting! Definitely gonna give it a try! :D Thanks sab for sharing!

  2. Saya dah cuba Cosmoderm Anti Blemish X-press tu beberapa tahun lalu. Memang best! Cosmoderm dah ada Shower Gel? Nak cuba la nanti. Thanks for sharing, Sab! Muah... :)

  3. X dpt nk join sekali aritu..huhu..mesti best kan. ;)

  4. sy guna cleanser n moisturizer tea tree series..mmg best!

  5. hi sabrina, first time commenting. i like your web design (not suggesting to copy yours haha, coz i like hints of purple), if u dont mind, may i know who is your web designer? Thanks

    1. haha thanks! i design my self expect for the drop down page tabs. ^_^

  6. salam hi sab. mya ada jugak guna product from cosmoderm ni. next time nak try this range pulak :))