Terbes Hair Treatment Mask


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Wednesday! Today I am going to review a hair product. Although I am wearing a hijab, does not mean I don't care about my hair. My love my hair and I try to keep it as healthy as I can. So basic routine consist of shampoo and condition your hair. I also apply hair mask 1-2 times a week to give my hair a lil boost of goodness.

So I got this big jar full of goodness and really loving it!. So This hair mask is from Terbes and it claims to be a hair treatment product that contains white mineral oils, rich in vitamin E and its reactive ions helps to stimulate skin cell metabolism hair hair nutritional supplements to prevent from hair damage. So you will get a tangle free hair and make hair easier to comb and  hair regain moisture.

You can use this hair mask in two way. Use it as a conditioner or as a hair mask. To use it as a conditioner, just spread our this hair mask for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. To use it as a hair mask, apply generously to your hair and bun it up. Then cover your head with the shower cap. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it off. Oh yes, this hair mask is infused with olive goodness!

I find my hair feel so much smoother after using this. I really love how this does not have that over powering scent and just easy to use. If you are interested, check out their Facebook page to purchase!

Name : Terbes Hair Treatment Mask
Price : RM40 with shower cap
Net Weight : 700ml per jar

To purchase go to :
Direct Whatapps Ieda : 012 286 7694

Do you wear hair mask during your shower routine?
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.
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  1. i used to wear hair mask but now i'm so darn lazy and i even tertinggal hair mask kat melaka =_='' this one looks tempting!

    1. Ya.. kadang2 sab pun terlupa. but its very pampering. hehe

  2. i replace conditioner with hair mask haha i hate damaged hair split
    great recommend would like to try it after i finish the rest