January 2014 Favorites


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy February! Chapter 1 of 2014 has ended. Now 11 months left for us to fulfill our resolution! How does it goes so far? Good! So of course, as usual I am going to tell you some of my favorites and most reach product for the past month. So let's get in to it!

1. The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Powder | RM115
A great discovery and yes, today is the launching day of this "powderfull" weapon at all Benefit counters available in Malaysia. I have been loving this product so much and have use it wisely because I don't want to finish it too fast! The amount of the product is not that much. I have done a review on it here, link. You can read the full details there. All I can say is I am loving matte finish this month for my foundation routine and this does the job amazingly. It pairs perfectly with the other product that I am going to mention below.

2. L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer in Medium Gold | RM35.90
I hesitate of doing a single post review on it because if how confuse I am with the packaging. I got this from my last prize wining from L'oreal. So I picked up both shades that are available in the list as well as the shades that you can purchase here in Malaysia. When I got both same concealer with different shade, both item have a different packaging, so I don't know which one is the new packaging and the old one. I was a lil bump when I got these concealer because they gave me the old packaging ones, and makes me don't want to review it. But anyways, I love this concealer. I use the medium shade that have a peach undertone for my under eye concealing and the lighter shade that i got for highlighting. Its quite hydrating and cover my dark circle pretty well.

3. Enchantuer Firm & Repair Body Lotion | RM14.90
I love love love this lotion on how it feels on my skin as well as how good it smells! I love using it during the night after shower. As I rub it into my skin, its feels so nice and when it adsorb, it leaves my skin smooth and non greasy at all. You can also get a chance to win one by entering my giveaway here, link.

4. Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream | RM79.90
Last month I have been reaching for this a lot. I find it works well too with my favorite Porefessional Powder. I love how it really just blends into my skintone, feels light and just hydrating enough. This has been my favorite again for the last month! I have a review on it here, link.

5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence | RM229.00
I know its a little mainstream but yes, I admit it that I love this stuff. My skin has been a really good for this month and I find I just loving using light coverage makeup such as my favorite BB cream mention above. Although the smells does bother me sometimes, but this stuff is good and easy to use! Will do my 14 days review on it soon this week!

What have you been loving for the last January?
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  1. everyone love SKII...I shall jump into the bandwagon real soon...hahha i wan to read about the concealer review la...im looking for a affordable concealer while waiting my Nars concealer to arrive!!

  2. Nak try buat monthly favourite jugak lah!

    Loreal Product tu sound nice and good. Dah buat review dia?

  3. Wahh...xsbr nk tau what's your opinion on SK-II...mcm best je...a little bit pricey...bole tahan bape lame satu botol tu?

  4. Can't wait for your SKII update! hehe been saving money to buy one. Hope it helps to fade scars tho cause thats what making my face so ugly rn if not mesti dah clear :( Lol. Anyway, been loving the loreal concealer too! Wanna put it in my Jan Fav but same thing also, tengok kat Guardin dah different packaging so last last just keep it to myself HAHA

    1. im not sure about scars but will keep u updated in my verdict! Kan.. the packaging looks like a tester. don't know if i can review it properly. not fancy tho.