Fairy Beauty Blossom Drink Bust Enlargement Drink Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Sorry for the lack of updates. I had a something going on this week. Not gonna talk about it. So today i will let you know my thoughts on this beauty drink from Fairy Beauty in Blossom from Hisop.my. They have two type, one is Blossom (this one) for women well being and another one called Whitez for beautiful skin. So I picked this one up because i want to test this out if this can solve my menstrual pain problems and how this claims to make my "B = girlfriends" more enhanced.

Now, first stop, lets talk about this product in my first impression. The packaging. Each box comes with 10 bottle of these supplement drink. So I got a whole month supply which is 3 boxes in total. They packed nicely in a box as well arranged in a sponge which helps to protects these glass bottles. It also comes with a straw.

So Fairy Beauty Drink in blossom claims that they are formulated to enhance your femininity as well as it is burst with enhancement and restorative powers that can mimic natural female hormones to encourage breast firming and development. It can also help with your hormone problems. It is infused with these two start ingredient in this drink with is the Lingonberry that is rich in fiber, sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and magnesium. Another fruit is the mulberry plant and it is one of the most important ingredient in Chinese and Japanesse medicine. It is also rich in antioxidant! Other ingridient highlight are Salmon Pacenta, Kiwi Seed Extract, L-Glutathione, Apple Stem Cells, Wild Yam, Lobata & Soy Isoflavone.

Also, Fairy Beauty Blossom drink focus on these 6 symptoms. It claims that it can heighten the senses and elevate mood, balance hormone and replenish vitamin & mineral, quicker full body arousal, firming and uplifting of sagging breasts, noticeable increase in sexual desire, strengthen muscle and bone, enhance energy, relieve painful menstruation.

Below image shows on how you serve your self one bottle of this drink!

So now, my verdict. I took this supplement on early January until the end of January.

First week - I kinda love the idea of the small bottle. Just a few sip and I am ready to go. I feel it is very convenient to be use and if you are in a hurry, just pop in your bag and drink while you go! I don't put them in a fridge, it still taste good even if it is not chilled. I love how it does not give me this "mual" taste and I love the berries taste of it. In terms of energy, I cant really tell, but the first week was good. I was quite in a good mood. :) Oh and yes, I did note down on my breasts size to see if there is any changes.

Second week - Its still feel the same. Every morning I will drink this beauty drink. The taste is quite addictive. I really love the taste of it. I also check on my "B" size. Nothing change tho. SO i though give it more time.

Third week  - This week I got my period. So I am testing on the claims that it can relieve my pain during pms. I am a person who experience "twisting" stomach and hips pain 1-2 days before and 1-2 days during my period and it is insane. I drink this beauty drink unfortunately it does not even help with my pain. :( I still feel the pain while having my "P". The slight changes I can tell is my well being. I don't get period acne that i usually get before the day comes. I also feel that i am a bit energize and quite in a good mood.

Forth week & Conclusion - Still, no changes on my "B" size. This does not really help on the two main things I really want tho. All I can say is this beauty drink is good for my well being in terms of energy and health but not to my "B " Size and menstrual pain problems.

Name : Fairy Beauty Blossom Drink Bust Enlargement Drink
Price : RM89.00 per box
Where To Buy : Hishop.my
Net Weight : 22ml x 10 bottle per box

More info go to :
Official Website : http://www.hishop.my
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy
Instagram : http://instagram.com/hishopmy
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

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  1. i got Fairy Whitez and surprisingly my period pain didnt give me a 'visit' this time (during the third week of consuming Fairy Whitez)

    1. That one is for skin right? I was hoping the Blossom one help with my menstrual pain.