Ice Cream Project Johor Bahru


Just a casual update. Last month me and my friends went out and I discover a new hanging out shop that I find super cool! If you have been to Johor Bahru, you may have know that in the centre of town there is an area of old shops building. A lot of hipster and vintage shops are located there. Also shops that are aged more than a decade are also located there. It is a spot where most of our grandparents would hang out when they are young. So my friend told me there are an ice cream shop where they make ice cream in front of you. Like seriously yes.

You choose what flavour you want and they will make it on the spot. They use that kinda gas or what ever kinda thing in that big "tong" in the picture above. I am so not good at science! Flavour offer are like Original (my fav!), Butterscoth, chocolate, green tea and many more. Price range between RM--10-RM15++. The ambiance of the shop is very cool, ya know like that hipster kinda coffee house.

The only downside of the shop is that is is too small and not many tables and chairs are provided. They also close the upper lever during days. So it is kinda cramp inside and a lot of people waiting. i hope they will always open up the upper starts anytimne of the day so we can "lepak" more comfortably. If you are interested to know more about it check out their facebook page -
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  1. wah sedap nye.. duk jb tp baru tau..

  2. Replies
    1. tak kan sab nk makan ice cream tak halal. hehe. tp sab xada facts yg ice cream dia halal or tak. sorry dear.. :(

    2. Owh.nak tahu je.. sy suka ice cream. Cume risau, dulu kat danga bay satu kedai ice cream cream dia gebu gile. Ramai org beratur termasuk kakak sy... then,mak sy tnya manager kedai tu, dalam ice cream ni, ada rum ke.. dia ckp, yes...
      Tp terliur tgk ice cream ni dlm cerita keluarga iskandar...hehe

    3. sebab member sab yg recommend makan. masa makan pn ramai je org kita makan. serious xtau ada isu halal haram. maybe lepas ni boleh mintak clarification dr ice cream project sendiri.:)

    4. Adakah ini mentaliti org melayu kita. Nampak org kita rmai makan, dh tk payah tengok halal haram. Jgn disebabkan mentaliti mcm ni, semua melayu islam makan makanan haram dgn sejuk & gembira smbil selfie. Sbb kdg2 ice cream ni ada cmpuran rum & gelatin. Kalau tktahu jgn main ckp halal. Takut ada yg salah dpt info. :)

    5. Hi dear, first of all sorry ya. Tidak ada kenyataan pun saya cakap tempat ni halal. Kalau ada, sila print screen and email kepada saya yang saya cakap tempat ni halal. Sila baca balik betul2. Islam itu mudah, kalau kita ragu2 tempat halal pun boleh jadi haram kalau kita makan. saya decide untuk mkan pun sebab saya tak ragu2 and memamng tak tau pun ada org cakap tentang isu halal haram ni. Kedai ni kedai independent, baru buka. The ice cream is made freshly depan kita. All I see is milk and chocolate been poured in the machine. maybe getting their halal certificate takes lots of money and time. Jangan pula jadi mentaliti melayu dimana, benda kita tak agree or tak rasa kita bantah, tapi yg kita selesa kita pertahankan. banyak isu halal haram yang fake kat malaysia ni sampai Jakim pun salah. Mentaliti fintah atau look down on pahaman org pun salah ok.


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