October 2014 Empties


Oh my I feel like punishing myself for abandoning my blog for a week??? I never been this so discourage. I have been bussy, as always and been super busy lately. Day job have been killing my mood for blogging. I guess I use too much of my braid during the days and when it comes to blogging during the night. Blackout! Ok deep breath. I should start blog about something now. I have tons of products to re view and share with you guys! Trust me and bare with me please! As I was cleaning my room I saw some of the products that is really well loved. Some products that really work so well on my skin and I have used up! Pat on my shoulder. Good job Sabrina!

The first from the left is the Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask ( I have review it here before - link). This is by far THE best night/sleeping mask I ever use. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated in the morning. Applying makeup is easier and the finish look is much more nicer. The only thing is that the price and the amount you get is actually pretty splurge. :( The second one is the I also have review it before - link ). It is the Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. One of the best cleanse I ever use. It does not irritates, dry out my skin and always keeps my skin squeaky clean. I use it up!

The third one is a moisturizer that I use every single day in the morning as well as in my night routine. If you keen to know, I use this before the KISS Collagen Mask. It is the L'occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Gel. I like the gel one than the cream. I also have review it, read it here - link. It does not brighten my skin, or gives me any glow but it definitely keep my skin healthy. I can barely see any big pimple last month! After I stop using it and randomly use moisturizer I got in my drawer, oh well. Mr. P seems to pay some visit on my cheeks again! Last one, I know I have said this so so so so so many time and it even makes into my Beauty Favorites in 2013. Hands down, the BEST mascara ever used. It is the Lash Love Mascara from Mary Kay. Actually this is my 2nd tube and it already dried out. But I really love to use this and a bit cheapskate of not trying to find where can I buy this again. So I keep on adding the Tsuya Tsuya Mascara Toner to make it wearable again. i know I know its dangerous. I need to discover more mascara after this! This makes my lash longer, curls us to 8 hours. Just amazing! You can read my review here - link . Basically thee 4 are my current staple product. I I were not a beauty blogger who keep on needing to change my skincare routine because I need to test new products, these would be my repurchase items. Definitely recommend! Oh I have combination skinif you ask. These might suits you if you have skin types as me.
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  1. Cambest! Teruskan tulis blog. Rindu seminggu.. I like the way u review a beauty product . Boleh buat umie beli wo haha.. Updte sekali shari pliz kbai

    1. hehe thank you. in shaa Allah will blog more soon!