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Hello again, and again and again. As usual. I will feel bad after a short hiatus. Busy busy busy. But a little retail theraphy won't hurt right? Hehe. So I got a haul to show you! There is a new online store selling awesome makeup products especially when they carry hard to get brand such as Physician Formula, Nyx Cosmetics, Elf and many more. It is Mesmerize Online! I get the chance to shop in the store and this is what I got! I am very satisfied with my purchase especially getting my hand on that Physician Formula blush that I have been wanting for so so so long! So what I got here are the Physician Formula Happy Booster Glow Blusher in Rose. Look at how pretty this blush is? There are actually 4 shades for this blush. I am planning to get more of these! Especially in Warm shade. It looks pretty nice. They are just too cute! The second item I got are also the long awaited wishlist. That is the NYX Powder Blush. I have a few shades in my wishlist too. But I give this one a first try. So far I have been loving it and planning to collect more. Peach, Natural, Pinched, Mauve is in my wishlist! I hope they bring more shades in. The last one is also another (haha) wishlist that I have been wanting for so long. It is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Every time I went to Sephora, this shades is out of stock and when I don't have money it is in stock. Pretty annoying. Haha. At last i got it! First impression. Love it! Super creamy. I will try to review each of these products soon okay! Bare with me! I am super busy with my #theprojectB and some big events for next year. :( 

Overall, I recommend buying product in this online shop. Price are reasonable, shipping is quite fast and my products are packed nicely. Points for that! Only one thing is that I hope they can bring more shades in and payment method features. I prefer the one like the iPay88 or something direct to the online banking transfer thingy. But that is just a small matter. Looking forward to fulfill my wishlist from this store! Check out Mesmerize online for more! They have so so so many makeup products and brands you can check out! -

xoxo, Sabrina
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  1. There's nothing more convenient than online shopping nowadays! Thanks for sharing this online shop :)


  2. thank u sabrina for this place,will definetly purchase from.them i love physician formula so preety on cheeks

  3. That happy booster glow blusher *0* SO CUTE!!!!

    恵美より ♥