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Happy Monday everyone. I had a great weekend and it was such a blast. Good news and things as planned went well. Today I am going to show you a supplement that I have been loving for the past week. Something that really helped me with my food intake especially during breakfast. Yes, breakfast is the VERY important meal of any day. Despite how in a hurry you are, you should at least grab a slice of bread and plain water to eat. Good breakfast equals good day ahead. It provides the energy that you need throughout the day and keep you focused!

It is the BeautyOat with Collagen Plus+Oat Formula. Collagen and a delicious Oat! BeautyOat is the FIRST and only Collagen in Malaysia that contains Oats, Marine Collagen, Sakura extract and Pomegranate extract. It has been proven to prevent early aging, minimize free-radical damage to body and soothe skin inflammation. I repeat, delicious Oat with collagen. Yums! It source you all the nutrients from the finest & natural ingredients. It will not just only keeps your body healthy, but also keeps your skin glowing because of the Marine Collagen and other ingridient mixed up in the drink.

Ingredient Highlights :
Oat - Oat is know as a superfood. Highlight recommend to be consumer during breakfast. Even in fasting month, Oat is actually the best food you need to consume during sahur. Why? Oat is rich in fiber and a very good source of protein. It also helps to reduce cholesterol. That is what makes it different from rice. Rice are also a good source of energy but it is usually rich in cholesterol which will leads you to feel tired easily and fast.

Marine Collagen - It has a properties to help firm up your skin and give your skin supple and elastic. Just like baby! Ever wonder why baby skin are soft and super glowing? Because, the younger we are, the higher collagen contains in our body. So as we aged up, our body tend to lose more collagen. So you need to consume more food products that contains collagen. Marine Collagen re usually found in "expensive" fish. Hehe. So this is a very convenient way to gain Marine Collagen as Beauty Oat already put this in the drink! Yass! Marine Collagen also helps to reduce dryness to your skin which lead to early pre-mature skin.

Cherry Blossom - That is what they said, you are what you eat. Bloom like a cherry blossom! Cherry Blossom extract are also one of the ingredient in Beauty Oat. It is a natural ingredient for anti inflammation, whitening and anti-glycation. It also helps to reduce melanin production and will help to give you fairer and brighter skin. What is melanin? Yes, melanin is the "thing" that make your dark spot more visible. So f you reduce the production os melanin, your dark spot will reduce!

Pomegrante - One of a fruit that is rich in antioxidant. Helps to minimize free radical damage to the body. It also provides nutrients that is low in calorie but high in nutritional value. If you don't know Pomegrante, it is actually Buah Delima. To pregnant ladies, did you know pomegranate helps to give your child beautiful eyes? This is a fact! So it is a good source for you while pregnant!

Full ingredient list : Oat, Non Dairy Creamer, Skimmed Milk Powder, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Fine Sugar, Oryza Extract Powder, Collagen, Sakura Extract Powder, Pomegranate Extract Powder, Vanilla Flavor.

Beauty Oat is a very convenient supplement to be consumer. It comes in a very nice packaging! Yes of course, its pink! Each box contains 18 sachet x 30gm. You can consumer this every morning or any time you want each a day. Recommend to be consumer 2x a day as a start. All you need to do is just take about a cup of warm water and mix it up. I have no problems in mixing this up. It is really easy to prepare.

What does it taste like? Have you ever drink oat drink? It is something like that. It is really delicious as I love to drink milk. The milk is not too sweet and the Oat is chew-able. After consumer I feel full and energize. I have been drinking this for a whole week. All I can say it it really provides my skin the glow that I need. My current moisturizer helps on my skin hydration but does not really helps to reduce my dark spot causes by acne breakout. I can see that my dark spot is reduce a but and keeps my skin supple. Definitely a good product here. A breakfast that provides energy through out the whole day and goodness to my skin.

Overall, I really recommend this product. Perfect for anyone who find hard time to prepare breakfast. You can just mix this with warm water in your tumbler and drink while you drive to work. And remember to not mix this with a very hot water. Just a luke warm water or warm water will do! Although, you would not want to burn your tongue, so don't worry, it will mix up well and ready to be consumer after mixing up!

Beauty Oat are made from 100% natural ingredients and halal certified

Name : BeautyOat Collagen Plus+Oat Formula
Price : RM 79.00 SM, RM89.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SMS/ Whatsapp/ Wechat
012 - 2444 014
012 - 2444 041
Net Weight : 18x30g

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  1. Been consuming BeautyOat too and I really wanna buy my next box, hehe! The taste is good, and it helps me not to feel hungry sooner that before, gives my skin a more moisturized feeling and what I love the most is the taste, really natural yet delicious!

    1. sedap kan! sometimes i took 2 packets sbb sedap and puas sikit. hehe