Makeup Crime Love Bite Attack Lip Scrub Review


Watch out! I'm gonna bite you! Haha! Its Love Bite Attack! I am so excited for this post! Why? Because it is one of my good blogger friends own brand. Yes. Her own beauty brand. Believe me, this is going to be exciting because behind this brand is 3 beauty passionate junkie, Wiida, Shaza,& Lily. They know what they are doing! They aim to create a prestige beauty brand that is affordable yet high quality. So as an introduction, they created an in house brand and it is a lip scrub. Forget about those expensive lip scrub because you have your own home grown awesome brand. It is cute, trust me!

Here is a little introduction of this product. Love Bite Attack! Lip Scrub is formulated with organic ingredients and free from chemicals and preservatives. No coloring were added in this lip scrub, it is safe to use even if you are allergic to food coloring. It helps to gives your lip the moisture and remove all dead skin & dryness on your lips that makes your lips looks chappy. 

The lip scrub comes in a cute plastic jar that is travel friendly! So make this a s a routine to always scrub your lip before applying you lip products so your lipstick or lip balm last longer. This is because there is not dead skin layer on your lips and your lips is well moisturize. Price wise, oh come on. RM5.00 for this introduction session! How affordable is that. The cheapest Lip scrub i ever found. It is also a good item to add in your goodies bags parties and events. A gift for a friend or even your boyfriend okeh! Men also want smoochie lips. If my wedding are just around the corner, I would include this in my girls bridesmaid kit! *hint* Makeup Crime, please do more of this the future!Lip scrub murah!

How to use it. Gently take a pea size amount using you finger tips. Directly apply it on to your lips and start rubbing it all around your lips. Scrub scrub scrub. Then lick your lips. Haha. No seriously this stuff is yummy! You can then rinse it off with water or just take a tissue and wipe it off. From my own opinion, this stuff is amazing. It makes my lips smoother and gives me this natural tint on to my lip. Then I just apply my lip balm to keep the moisture in and apply my favorite lipstick. I am good to go! I'm going to say this again. This taste so good! Smells a bit like cotton candy if you ask me. Omg, my fave!

Name : Makeup Crime Love Bite Attack Lip Scrub
Price : RM 5.00 (Introduction Price)
Where To Buy : / Whatapps - 0172755284 or 0178785210
Made From : Malaysia
Ingredients Highlight : Organic Ingredients


Had your Love Bite already? ;)
Be sure to follow them for more updates! More beauty product coming up from them. They also take orders for Makeup Geek products.

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  1. cam nak makan je nengoknye hahaha. :P yumeeeeh

  2. Sounds good! Too bad I'm living in overseas :( Will be grabbing this first when I arrive there! :D xx

  3. Replies
    1. err...... kan ada tulis where to buy tu... ada link, whatapps no and info semua lengkap atas... hehe..............

  4. Menarik, baru pakai mesti dah habis ditelan..hehehe.. Sabrina ada buat tempahan edit blog tak?

    1. memang! sedap tau. hehe,,, ada.. kalau nk tau detail email ya..

  5. ur lips do look more even after usage !! :)