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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Man it is rainy outside so heavily just now right. Glad I arrive home safely. Alhamdulilah. Ok, Let's have some blogging moment shall we. I am excited to share with you on a very exciting product here. I know you have been seeing all these subscription box everywhere right. But have you heard a subscription box that contains fashion items? How cool is that! Kinda reminds me of the Black Box we use to see in YouTube. Well, lucky we have it here in Malaysia! Just like subscribing to a magazine, every month you will receive a box contains the theme that you choose. I had the chance to receive April month box. I choose The working girl. Well kinda "celebrating" the environment of working I am having right now. Haha.

First impression. Good job on the packaging. Love it! Everything is placed and packed nicely. I was smiling as I unwrapped the box, gosh how I am happy to see a red wallet just sitting there in the box. I am not expecting such a product in the box. I thought that i am just gonna get some small accessories stuff. This is cool! Then as I dig in, I got more stuff! Not just fashion items but beauty stuff too! Wuhoo! So as you can see in the picture above that is what I got. I got a red wallet, faux leather cuff, hand sanitizer (so cute!), belt, toothpaste and black thing that you can use to make a hair bun. Still figuring out how to use it, hehe. I love the wallet and the faux leather cuff! So pretty! So if you are interested, do check out their website for more information!

PRICE : RM58 / Month / Box
With just RM58 subscription a month, you will receive a box full of fashion accessories and beauty products. The style of the fashion accessories will be tailored according to your taste based on the theme you chose.
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