Real Technique Blush Brush & Expert Face Brush


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Makeup brushes! I love them to the moon and back. Hahaha. Yes, I love makeup brushes. Since the day I discover makeup, makeup brushes have been the tools that I want to collect. Since Sigma started I only got a few brushes from them. It is quite expensive when you convert them and all the shipping you have to pay. Along the way, I start collecting makeup brushes. From local brands to international. Some of the brushes are still with me even after years of using it. Then I discover Real Technique brushes! Founder Sam from Pixiwoo, an incredible YouTuber created a line of makeup brushes from sets to individuals. So I got some brushes last year from an online seller, she lives in Australian and she help me order these. We have these in Malaysia but its fairly more expensive and cost like an high end makeup brushes. These two brushes are my first ever RT brushes. Real Technique brushes are a drug-store brand brushes. They are affordable but still very good quality. I believe there are fakes for these brushes so beware. First impression, Love it! Absolutely soft and firm. They don't look tacky and they are packed nicely! So here I am going to give my thoughts on each of the brushes. I got it last year, and pretty much have tested it quite a lot.

Blush Brush. This is from RT individual brush line. I never own such shape of brushes. So the shape of the brush kinda attracts me. It has an "egg" shape and a slanted handle. The handle is pretty light and makes its easier to hold. The brush is 100% synthetic which means no animal hair are used. What makes this brush is different from the other brush is that the "pick-up" power it has. Not like other brushes, you might tend to pick up powder product more than you need. This brush picks up powders 'especially blush powders" nicely. It also makes applying blush easy because you tend to get more control with this brush. The middle part of the bristle which you can see a bit bigger makes a perfect spot to blend in your blusher or bronzer into your skin. This is also great for applying powder under the eye. The pointed shape of the brush can be use for contouring, but I don't really use that part much. Overall, it is a good brush and a multi-function brush. To be surprise, I like to use this brush more for face powder because of its softness and easy to reach out small areas from its pointed shape of bristle.

Expert Face Brush. This is also from their individual brush line. I was looking for a good brush to apply my liquid foundation so I went for this. It was a bit awkward on first application. Its a bit stiff and too firm to my liking. After a few months of trying I tend to get use to it. The brush is soft indeed but it is just too firm. What I like about it is that it does not absorb that much of my liquid foundation which usually buffer brush do. I don't really use this on my daily basis because it takes too much of an effort. Its a good brush but you need a lot of time to really blend everything on your face. The way of using this brush is like the normal C-shape foundation brush.Which you apply it downwards in small strokes. But this is much better than the normal foundation brush. Its also need a firm application on your face, so when applying under the eye is a bit trouble and sometimes leave a streaky mark of foundation left. It gives you a medium-heavy coverage. Good for cream and liquid. I usually use this brush went I have more time to makeup, usually for special night out. Applying small strokes of foundation is actually the best way but it takes a bit more effort. So no wonder the name of this brush is Expert Face Brush. This is also good for applying and blending cream blush or liquid type of colored products on the face. 

Name : Real Technique Blush Brush & Expert Face Brush
Price : RM39.00 +/- (depends on currency and re-seller)
Where To Buy : I got mine from a spree from (Personal Beauty Shopper)
Store - Shins / Online ( or any local online shop reseller eg : The Fashionette, Buff's Vanity, Makeup Haven Vanity.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were bought by my own money.

What RT brushes you own?
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