JF Beauty Deep Cleaning Oil Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. When it comes to makeup remover, I admit I am an avid user of it because I find that makeup remover is the most important product to be use especially when you are wearing makeup, heavy application or even light. Why? Because a cleanser alone cant help to clean your face entirely especially in out polluted air we have right now. Makeup remover have many types and many kinds in the market. The popular ones is the water and oil type of cleanser that you need to shake up before using it. There is also a water base makeup remover and also like this one an oil base makeup remover. If you wan out of makeup remover did you know that you can use an olive oil that you can find in your kitchen right now to remove your makeup. Yes, but it may not be a convenient thing and may end up messy. So the product that I am going to review here a a makeup remover that has an oil base. That means its has a liquid form of just like an oil. It is formulated specially for removing makeup and dirt on the face.

Describe as an olive oil–based cleansing oil gently cleanses, moisturizes and calms the skin, leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined. Dirt, excess oil, makeup—even waterproof mascara—and other pore-cloggers dissolve easily, leaving face a grease free zone that is soft to the touch. Its unique water-soluble formula rinses completely, not any greasy residue is left. Ideal for normal to oily skin types as well as acne-prone skin, even sensitive skin. Olive oil – high therapeutic on dry skin

My thoughts. At first I had a hard time using it because I am always busy and usually a sheet makeup remover does my job faster. After a while trying to use it I find that this works best for my super waterproof makeups. Also I do this once a week where during times I wore a heavy makeup I will gently massage this into my skin trying to "break" all of the makeups on my skin and just wipe off with a baby wipes. This leaves my skin super moisturize and hydrated. It does not even leave a single greasy feeling. I wish I can have more time everyday to use this kind of oil base makeup remover because I find that it really helps remove all of my makeup as well as keeping it hydrated but it takes a little more effort to use this. As you can see in the picture above, a little demonstration on how makeup are removed. 1-2 drops of the oil, massage in circular motion. At first it does look scary. No worries, the oil actually absorb all of the makeup out of your skin. A light wipes with the baby wipes and your skin is good to go. This oil cleanser also have a refreshing scent to it. Pretty nice!

Name : JF Beauty Deep Cleaning Oil
Price : RM99.00 (Its on Sale now for RM38.00)
Where To Buy : Tiffani Beauty Website
Made in : France
Net Weight : 150ml
Ingredient Highlights : Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil , Rice Bran Oil anthemis nobilis flower oil, tilia cordata flower extract, Vit A & E.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you tried any oil base makeup remover? What do you think about this one?
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  1. the only oil makeup remover i ever used (and still have 70% of it) is from Biore. i left it at home coz yeah, its messy and wipes are faster, and it stung my eyes. i also read that it is not good to use oil based makeup remover every day? but i dunno how far the truth is anyway. hehe

    1. oh i did know about that. hehe, maybe there is a pros and cons... ^_^

  2. I tried the DHC cleansing oil..It did not work for me.It made my skin drier.I think oil cleansing is more suitable for oily skin and heavy makeup users.