Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Here is a quick review. I have been using this product since December last year. My first ever face finishing spray is the Mac Fix+. Got it a few years ago and that was like my first ever Mac purchase. I reviewed it in my very very old blog that I have delete it. haha. It was and okay product so finishing spray was not that foreign to me. So basically what is a finishing spray? This is basically an additional makeup items that you need. Especially when you want that additional long lasting makeup and longer staying power. So you can use it before applying makeup (for makeup base) and after full face makeup (to seal it in). If you have been around YouTube for years, you might as well heard about Skindinavia. It is the most recommended finishing spray over there. Skindanivia has 4 types of spray. So today I am going to review a makeup finishing spray from Mary Kay which claims to be manufactured by Skindanivia. I never tried Skindanivia, so I cant really tell if it is the same. So this Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray promise to help makeup your makeup last long, gives you free shine face on picture, as what they said. This finishing spray is a celebrity secret to a all time anywhere picture perfect.

This Finishing Spray packaged in a box and it comes in a plastic pump bottle. So far I am loving the pump as it sprays out an evenly fine water that is easy to control. I find that it works better to be apply like this - Foundation - 1 x SPRAY - Powder - Makeups - 2 x SPRAY. Fan out with my hand and leave it to dry naturally. It makes my foundation last longer and makes my face comfortable. I also use this on my friend on her wedding day. Her make up last long and super nice in pictures. I really recommend this finishing spray if you are looking for that additional product to make your makeup last longer. Especially on your special day or any special occasion. It does not have any overpowering scent to it, so it does not really bothers me in any way. Oh yes, I also find that it cakes my foundation if I apply this spray too much. Spray upwards and downwards of your face is just nice. I have not tried Skindavnivia or even the Urban Decay All Nighter so I can really compare, but I definitely loving this more than the Mac Fix+. The Mac Fix+ is harder to control and the spray mist is not as fine as this. 

Name : Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray
Price : RM55+
Where To Buy : Your nearest Mary Kay consultant (click here to find where)
Made in : USA
Net Weight : 2 oz
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you tried any Finishing Spray?
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  1. Better than fix+? Wow, this I gotta try!

    1. yep, in terms of keeping your makeup last, MAC Fix+ is more nicer to be use as a mixing medium to my opnion.

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    right now enjoying reading your older posts.. :)
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