Yogood Glow Muesli Bars | Cranberry & Blueberry


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Sunday! I got some good stuff here to share.My breakfast for the past week has been good thank you to Pristine. I got a whole boxes of these new Cereal bar to be share. Stay tune until the end of the post for something awesome. Have you been struggling to make your own healthy breakfast or probably a healthy snack to much while waiting HIMYM maraton, haha? Well I did. Usually I will just grab anything from the kitchen or just bought them i=from the smalls stall I can find along the way to work. Well, need to keep in mind that breakfast is important but a healthy one is also another topic we need to take precaution of. Have you heard about YoGood product? I bet you must because this is always in the cereal section (my favorite section, hihi). They have a lot of flavors and type of cereal bar to choose from. Then I got this opportunity to try this cereal bar that is infuse with collagen! Now talk about pretty skin while eating breakfast and munching on while watching tv! Awesome! This new flavors comes in 2 flavors that is Cranberry Peach and Blueberry Pomegranate.

Name : Yogood Glow Muesli Bars in BlueberryPomegranate
Price : RM13.00+ (depends on retailers)
Where To Buy : Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, BIG, Sogo, Presto Mart, Ampang Grocer, Urban Fresh, AEON Big (middle May), Giant & Cold Storage (June), AEON / Jusco (June)
Made in : Product of Austria with Austria Halal Zertifikat
Net Weight : 5 x 25g bars

Name : Yogood Glow Muesli Bars in CranberryPeach
Price : RM13.00+ (depends on retailers)
Where To Buy : Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, BIG, Sogo, Presto Mart, Ampang Grocer, Urban Fresh, AEON Big (middle May), Giant & Cold Storage (June), AEON / Jusco (June)
Made in : Product of Austria with Austria Halal Zertifikat
Net Weight : 5 x 25g bars

Each bar is coated with Yogurt and contains an average of 1g of collagen per bar. Each bar also contains less than 100g calories and said that its suitable to be eaten anytime of the day. When I first open up the boxes I can really smells the cranberries and blueberries. First impression "Wangi nya!" Which I think a funny and unrelated food impression. Each bar is packaged nicely which I find good for traveling and for that on the go snack that you can just put in your pocket. The taste of the bars pretty much just like a cereal. I find that I like to eat this with cold milk. My favorite got to be the CranberryPeach. The bars also does not have artificial type of flavors, you can really taste the real fruits of the bars. 1 bar can already make you full during breakfast time. Also don't forget to join their contest! When you purchase these bars, you get the chance to enter and win a Samsung Galaxy S5! So do check that out ya! Now to my own giveaway! Scroll down to find out more!

I am giving away 6 boxes of these yummy YoGood Glow Cereal Bar! I am going to run this contest short and fast so I can send it as soon as possible before I move out from my house. So 1 lucky reader will be receiving 6 box (5bars x 6boxes = 30bars) which equivalent to 1 month of yum yum healthy breakfast for you! So check below rules and enter! 3 of the CranberryPeach flavor and the other 3 of the BlueberryPomegranate flavor. Good luck everyone!

Open to Malaysia Resident
Contest start from now (18 May 2014 till 21 May 2014 / 3 days)
You must enter all mandatory entry below to be qualified
You can share in Facebook 1x per day
Winner will be chosen using the Raffelcopter name generator
Winner will be contacted through email
Good luck everyone!
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  1. Name : Isabel Lee
    Facebook Name : Isabel Lee
    Email : deariesx@hotmail.com
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : I loved the taste of Yogood bars ever since I tried it 3 years ago and now it's gonna make me pretty too!? Must try..

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  3. Name :Princess Neverland
    Facebook Name : Princess Neverland
    Email : liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : Yogurt in cereal bar? I have never seen any similar product and I would like to try it out~

  4. name Sherry Siok Sim
    FB sherry go
    I like to try these cereal because they are yummy and easy to carry, just put in bag and go..

  5. Name : Alicia
    Facebook Name : Hayley Maris
    Email : hayleymaris@gmail.com

    I've been loving Yogood Low Calorie Muesli Bars, especially the Choc & Nut flavor, for a long long time. One bar is never enough for me. Therefore, I am so happy that they came out with something new and I am so very intrigue by it. I wonder if it tastes as good as the ones I've had :)

  6. This would be the best thing for me to have as breakfast while getting to class. I don't like heavy breakfast and I don't have the luxury of a kitchen to prep breakfast being in a hostel. Currently, I'm trying get fit and keeping up with my workout routines. This would also double up as my power bar before/after gym =D

    1. Forgotten to post the details you asked =D
      Name: SERAH LIM
      Facebook Name: SERAH LIM
      E-mail: serah.lim91@gmail.com

  7. Name : Mieza Everdeen
    Facebook Name : Mieza Everdeen
    Email : trisy7@gmail.com
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : I'm always on the go, so muesli bar is a must in my bag ;) I am surprised to know that Yogood has collagen in it as well, so I hope it can indirectly contribute to the well being of my skin as well apart from helping me to keep gastric at bay. Overall, I really love the concept of this muesli bars ^_^

  8. Forgotten to post the details you asked =D
    Name: SERAH LIM
    Facebook Name: SERAH LIM
    E-mail: serah.lim91@gmail.com

  9. Name : Amalina Nadri
    Facebook Name : Amalina Nadri
    Email : amalinanadri92@gmail.com

    i would really love this if i can get one of it. even one box! my first time eating this when i got free 2pcs yogood from butterfly project during raise fund walk and i would say that i love it very much! wanna let my family and sister to try it out :))

  10. Name : Tericia Lee
    Facebook Name : Tericia Lee
    Email : tericialee.bie_89@yahoo.com

    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : I've eaten the normal yogood cereal bars before, its so yummy and I really like it. Didn't know they came up with the one with collagen now, I would really want to try it...Hey, if eating can contribute to good healthy skin, WHY NOT?!! hahahaa

  11. Name : Arisa Chow
    Facebook Name : Lisa Chow
    Email : arisa1443@gmail.com
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars?
    Yogood has been one of my must have healthy snacks in my food intake as a busy person, love their muesli and granola bars!
    And now with an extra benefit aside from health wise, this is the first time i get the best of both worlds (health & beauty) in a whole package.

  12. Name: Nazeha Badery
    Facebook Name: Nazeha Badery
    Email: nnazeha@gmail.com
    Why would I like to try these cereal bars:
    Because I love to eat something light, easy and crunchy for breakfast. Besides, it can be grab easily especially if i'm in a hurry where im unable to prepare breakfast. So i really want to try the cereal bars.

  13. Name : Lina
    Facebook Name : Li Na
    Email : winlyn99@gmail.com
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : I would like to try these cereal bars because they are ideal for active lifestyles and would definitely help keep me energized.

  14. Shardha Lim
    Shardha Lim
    Shardha Lim@gmail.com

    I have in fact tried this delicious bars one sleepy afternoon in economics class offered by a friend.i was instantly hooked on how good it was but with minimal calories...so much so i went hunting for it at the local Aeon!unfortunately they dont carry these there :( it would be nice to win these 30 pieces as i would be starting work soon and this would be a perfect and healthy on-the-go snack :D

  15. Name : Nadratul Syazwana
    Facebook Name : Nadratul Syazwana
    Email : nadratulsyazwana@yahoo.com

    I see bloggers promote the cereal everywhere but never had a chance to buy it. I really wanna have a bit on it and at the same time, make my skin healthier! <3

  16. you're super duper pretty!!! & incredibly talented! love all the blogskins you do :'D

    EMAIL: eiqabutterfly@gmail.com
    I would love,like and want to try this cereal bar because..shortcutting my way to being beautiful definitely a must. Being busy with work and all life stuff, I have so little time to do things for my beauty regime especially when you talk about collagen, it always requires you to make and drink something. I think YoGood is a beauty genius for inventing such thing. I've been searching something like this all my life. In order to be beautiful like the blog owner :) I must work hard and smart. So Yogood is a way to go..

  18. Name: Asyik Izas
    Facebook Name: Asikin Izas
    Email: asikinwan@yahoo.com

    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? - I've already try a lot of cereal bars before but not this one, so I would like to try this cereal bars which look very delicious and healthy.

  19. Name: Siti Aisyah Ahmad
    Facebook Name: Aisyah Ahmad
    Email: sitiaisyahmad14@gmail.com

    I would like to try these cereal bars because I have heard about them once from a friend about its richness in taste. Yet I have not tried it because currently my favorite is Kellogg's, so thinking about giving this a try to have more options in the future. :)

  20. Name : Sally Yatiey
    Facebook Name : Yatiey Sya
    Email : sally2494@gmail.com

    I would like to try these cereal bars because i never try it before. ;D

  21. Name : Dayag Nur Farrahin
    Email : farrahjeiroz@gmail.com

    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? :

    I would love to try these cereal bars because it is a healthy snack which helps me to eat healthy without worrying the calories intake, I want to live healthy and recently I started exercise daily and hoping I'll be in shape and healthy at the same time! Two birds one stone..
    I'm not used to eat oat snacks since I never bought any because my mom used to do all the shopping including the snacks in our house, I'll eat anything she bought or the family and I think it's worthless if I exercise every day but eating high calorie foods (snacks) at the same time.

  22. Name : Noorashikin Binti Rahman
    Facebook Name : Mi-cha Ashikin
    Email : lovenora85@gmail.com
    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? : I never try a cereal bar before and I win this, it would be my first time to taste it. Who knows if I'll addicted to cereal bar one day :)

  23. Innanie Ariffin
    Fb : Innanie Ariffin
    Email : innanie.ariffin@yahoo.com

    Saya nak cuba cereal bars sebab saya sekarang ni sedang cuba menjalani healthy lifestyle. Saya cuba elakkan fast food, saya cuba buat senaman dan diet. Walaupun agak sukar, tapi saya tetap cuba. Jadi dengan ada cereal bars saya rasa lebih yakin untuk teruskan healthy lifestyle ni. Cereal bars boleh saya jadikan sebagai 'junk food' saya! Sedap kot!

  24. Name : Wan Siti Sarah
    FB : Sarah Sireh
    email: sarahwannizam@gmail.com

    the reason? easy.. have you tried the seaweed collagen? it almost unbearable to eat.. weel if they have created an easy healthy and tasty way to consume collagen, why don't i give a try then? go go! and it has my favorite fruits in it! fruits , breakkie and collagen.. a perfect product for a perfect morning!

  25. Name : Syazasuhana
    Facebook Name : Syaza Suhana
    Email : shahsydomo90@gmail.com

    I like the idea of fruits and oats fusion.! And I am prone to unhealthy snacking haha. When it comes to these cereal bars, I'm adventurous to try! Looking at it already makes me feel like eating them, so tasty-looking <3

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Name : Eriol Loh
    Facebook Name : Eriol Loh
    Email : bubblegum_77@hotmail.com

    I love everything about cereal and fruits and i think this must be tasty yum yum so i grab my chance to win it~

  28. Name: Qaisara Afiqah binti Romali
    Facebook Name: Qaisara Afiqah
    Email: qaisaraafiqah@ymail.com

    I'm going to college soon, so based on your review, I think these bars are great for breakfast! I can save my time since I don't have to go to the cafe, I'll just grab one of these :-)

  29. Name : Siti Hawa Binti Achen
    Facebook Name : Isabel Diaz (Jazz Lover)
    Email : angellovesoldier@gmail.com

    Saya harap saya dapat cereal bar nie sebab saya teringin nak bersarapan dengan cereal bar nie. Kebiasaannya pada waktu pagi, saya tidak sempat bersarapan kerana pada waktu pagi saya agak sibuk sedangkan sarapan pagi saya adalah oat yang memerlukan masa yang lama untuk siap. Apabila oat dah siap, saya pulak dah kena pergi kelas. Nak tak nak, saya kena jugak pergi ke kelas dalam keadaan perut yang lapar. Jadi membazir di situ. Tapi kalau saya dapat cereal bar nie, saya boleh makan bila-bila masa dan mana-mana saja tempat.

  30. Name: Izzah Farihah Bt Abd Hakim
    Facebook: Izzah Farihah
    Email: farrilora@gmail.com

    I would love to try these out because I have always wanted to try a snack bar like this. I once watched AprilAthena7 on YouTube made these snack bars and it looked delicious and left me drooling like a dog haha. But never got around to purchase one for myself as I rarely go to the supermarket. Plus, I'm on a diet now since I started trying the fairy beauty meal replacement drink so these would be perfect ^_^

  31. This is so awesome Sab!

    Name : Anis Farhana Aliman

    Facebook Name : Anis Farhana Aliman

    Email : anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com

    Why would you like to try these cereal bars? :

    I've just finished my diet program and now can start eat more. But somehow eating rice/noodles becomes a bit 'heavy' for my stomach, so I thought this would be an awesome substitute for my breakfast. Nutritious, and delicious. It's especially suitable for me because the calories count is not big, and that will be super helpful! *I have more kilos to lose before reaching my target you know* Hahaha, so it'll be like a motivational push for me by winning these. My breakfast for the whole month shall be taken care of like that. ;D

  32. Name : IRENE WONG
    Facebook Name : Irene Wong
    Email : skwong@ms.pmc.edu.my

    I would like to try these cereal bars because they are very delicious and healhy..

  33. Name: Winnie Wong
    Facebook Name: Winnie Wong
    Email: winnie_wsc81@yahoo.com
    Why would I like to try these cereal bars:
    i really want to try the cereal bars , they are perfect to eat as breakfast

  34. Name : Syafiqah Hashim
    Facebook Name :Syafiqah Hashim
    Email : syafiqah_girlz@yahoo.com.my

    Why would you like to try these cereal bars?
    I want to try this bars because currently I'm on diet and try to living on the healthy life style and I bet this cereal bars can provide me nutrient that my body need and i want to have a taste of it..

  35. Name: Wong Ming Min
    Facebook Name: Wong Ming Min
    Email: chritswsk99@yahoo.com
    Why would I like to try these cereal bars: Instead of a heavy and oily breakfast, i opt for a light and healthy one to provide me sufficient energy to power my day without feeling sluggish!
    Fruit improves complexion, giving it a radiant glow.

  36. Name: Ivy Wong
    Facebook Name: Ally Wong
    Email: ivy_wsf1990@yahoo.com.tw
    I would love to try the cereal bars, a perfect mid-morning snack..

  37. Hi, this is from my own personal comment. I've basically tried the bars myself and I found there is a lot of artificial sugar and some added scent in it. I do not think this is the best choice for muesli bar. It contains more sugar and rice puff instead of natural oats. I've come across one brand, a new local brand called Whitehouze. I love their nuts bar tho, packed with almond and cranberries with no peanuts or rice puff.