Jone's April Accessories


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. To tell you the truth, I love collecting jewelry. Especially bracelet, watches and brooches. These are my favorite jewelry item and I am looking forward to collect them in the future! The only thing I have to keep in mind is that the way I need to store them because I always can't keep track to where I put them. Haha. So today I am going to show you a cute jewelry store that I find have lots of awesome jewelry pieces at a top notch price! A good way to start from you jewelry obsession and collection. Jone's April offers a variety of accessories from bracelet, watches, rings and even hair accessories. All of their accessories are made in Korea and their products are limited edition series. They are also durable and affordable. Each design will only available in small amounts but not too miss that they always come out with new and fresh design that you can choose from. The quality f the accessories are also satisfying. The one I got here is the Endless Love Single Diamond Heart Bracelet featuring a gold plated bracelet that feels light on your waist. I match it with the Full Love Crystal Bracelet that features silver chain with diamond studs on it. Super cute! The last picture as you can see here is a ring, Only Love Diamond Ring. I bet I wanna wore this to some special night out!

Do check out Jone's April online store ( ) and their Instagram for updates!

What is your favorite type of accessories?

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