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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Today review is specially made for all my sisters! High Five to all hijabers! We may find that its really hard to find a hair care range that is focus on women and girls who is wearing hijab. Especially on our hot humid weather we have here, sometimes it can make us feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Although we are wearing hijab, we also must take care of our hair. Who said people who are wearing hijab does not love their hair? I love my hair, and sometimes I love playing with my hair, styling it and curling it as people always do! So in order to make sure my hair is healthy and pretty, I must have a hair care range that suits my need. Since my hair is covered with scarf mostly the who day, my hair tend to get greasy fast and it cause itchiness. And Sometimes it cause hair breakage and hair fall too.

So great news to my sisters! Recently Safi, a well know halal brand that we love have launch a hair care range made especially for us who wear hijab! Thank you! It is Safi Shayla! Shayla means scarf if you wonder <3. Consist of 4 different type of shampoo and 2 conditioner tailor made for any of your hair problems. Safi Shayla hair care range is infused with their main ingredient that is Habbatus Sauda that we among Muslims believe that can cure all diseases except death. Habbatus Sauda helps to reduces the bacteria that causes scalp itchiness, softens and smoothness the hair for a healthier-looking hair and resulting your air and scalp feel fresh and healthy even after a full day of wearing hijab. Safi Sahyla definitely helps to boost our confident! So here is my review and explanation for all the hair care range that I have tested and try!

An anti Drandruff shampoo perfect for you who experience these white flakes from your scalp. This usually happens when we wear hijab for so long and your scalp become greasy, also cause my sweat. This will leads to dandruff. It will make your scalp itchy and you may feel uncomfortable! This refreshed your hair and scalp. Among all this has less scent too it perfect for you who does not really into fragrance type of shampoo.  Safi Shayla Anti Dandruff shampoo has ingredient such as ZPT active ingredient and menthol. Leaving your scalp clean and fresh! Of course this contains the Habbatus Sauda that will help maintain healthy hair. 

With our hot humid weather it can be challenging. Our hair becomes dull & stuffy by the end of the day after the long day wearing hijab. If you want a fresh and bouncy hair, go for this one! Love the fresh scent of this shampoo! It is formulated with Nano Lipid Enhancer to strengthen the hair structure while Habbatus Sauda moisturize, smoothen and protect your hair. You can feel your hair smooth even after a long day wearing your hijab!

I have this problem with my hair because I tie my hair everyday and when I untie my hair, hair start to fall all over the places. Hair loss are also associated with hijab wearing women due to restricted air flow. This reminds me of a sweet fresh coconut scent! Its really good! Use the SAFI Shayla Anti Hairfall Shampoo, it is formulated with protein to strengthen hair structure. It is enriched with Habbatus Sauda to moisturize, smoothen and protects hair. Now I will say good bye to my hair fall problem!

If you have dry hair or unmanageable hair try this one. Sometime our hair can go crazy when wearing a hijab. Ok that is one funny statement. Among all this has the sweetest scent. Its really moisturizing! The SAFI Shayla Smooth and Manageable Shampoo is enriched with multivitamins and Habbatus Sauda moisturize, smoothen and protect the hair.

Don't forget the hair conditioner! Its a must! This conditioner is compatible with any of the 4 shampoo that you like. Helps your hair that has split ends problems and dryness. The SAFI Shayla Hair Conditioner is formulated with 2X more Habbatus Sauda leaves your hair silky soft and manageable. It is also enriched with Multivitamins that helps nourish and moisturize hair to prevent split ends and dryness. Also leaves your hair smell so good!

One of a kind product! It’s a scalp refresher conditioner. I know how it feels after a long day wearing hijab. My hair gets greasy and uncomfortable especially during hot humid days. This is a life savior. I use this to massage the scalp of my hair for 1-2 minutes. It leaves my hair fresh and its has a slight “menthol” feeling after rinsing it off. I love how fresh it leaves my hair after shower. TheSAFI Shayla Scalp Refresher is enriched with 5X Habbatus Sauda helps to prevent scalp discomfort as well as refresh and soothing the scalp immediately. This also eaves your hair smells good and fresh!

Shampoo : RM7.70 for 160ml  |  RM12.70 for 320ml
Conditioner : RM7.70 both 160ml & 180ml

All participating pharmacies, retail shop, Tesco, Giant, Mydin, Caring Pharmacies.

Overall, I really love these hair care ranges from SAFI Shayla. For me they are really meant for us who wear hijab! As our hair has different situations from other people who are more suitable to most shampoos in the market, these shampoos really suits people who wear hijab. Our hair does not expose to pollutant or sunlight that much, but we are more exposed to other situations where our hair are tie-up and covered with different type of fabric. We usually sweat during hot days and may expose to breakage due to a long day wearing hijab. These shampoos have 4 different types of solutions for all kinds of problems. I really recommend these!

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Anti Dandruff - You are active & stylish!
Fresh & Bounce - You are confident & Happy go lucky!
Anti Hairfall - You are Bold & Laid Back
Smooth & Manageable - You are sweet & fascinating

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  1. Yeah...nk join nnt...but b4 dat kena p beli n try dis shampoo first!!

  2. mak aih sab boleh jadi pro model betul! Macam real photoshoot je hahaha XDD

    alahai takut pulak nak masuk bende2 mcm ni :p dahla x dok KL ekeke. but I am tempted to still try! huhhh :D

    1. Eh mana ada.. apa la.. haha

      ala masuk la... one cool opportunity of a life time! <3

  3. aaaa comel comel comel! u look so cute sab hehe :DD thanks for this entry sab. mya memang tengah fikir2 nak give it a try untuk shampoo ni. and penyegar tu macam best je nak try! :DD

    1. haha tqq.. try la and masuk la contest tu! hehe

  4. cantiknya Sab, I really love the Yakin&Ceria and Berani&Bersahaja styles, really the ones I'd love to go for! Teringin pula nak join :D

    1. thank you mieza! i love yakin ceria too hehe... oh do please join! <3

  5. I've tried the Fresh and Bounce one and it's really really amazing. Much better than Sunsilk and Pantene :)

  6. Do i have to buy the shampoo to enter?

    1. It will be nicer if you can have it and take a picture with the shampoo ^_^

  7. alaaaa if takdaaa insteghemmm cemnaaaaaa, tapi nak masuuuk

  8. Wide range of products... shampoo banyak pakai masa & pakai air... nowadays dah ada banyak dry shampoo (yg tak pakai air...pakai spray2 je) dalam market. Dry shampoo sesuai untuk kita yg tak ada masa. Just have a quick blast of the dry shampoo spray, just enough utk bau segar temporarily before another proper shampoo with water. Maybe Sabrina boleh feature this "dry shampoo" product in future post

    1. ok in shaa Allah.. belum pernah try lg dry shampoo, nmpak menarik.

  9. Dry shampoo mmg baru kt Msia nie, but for ppl yg ade reason not to wash / wet their hair mmg perlukan dry shampoo. Example ibu dalam pantang, bed ridden patients, muslimah with hijabs (mesti leceh rambut belum kering tp dah nk kena pegi ofis) and jugak kpd mereka2 yg mandi pagi tp tak basahkan rambut heheee