Pristine’s Skin Rejuva Essential Pack Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I am very excited as I am going to review this product as this has been my current skincare for the past 2 plus weeks. Its a luxurious skincare set that promise an amazing result. Comes in a prestige blue catch magnet hard box, this does bring up a smile to my face. Love it! Introducing you, the Pristine’s Skin Rejuva Essential Pack, an anti-aging skincare range. It contains only the best nature’s rejuvenation and skin protective ingredients. Now now there. Anti Aging? Yes A huh! You need to take care of your skin elasticity from now on. Especially when you are already above 21 years old. Sun rays, frowning, stressing cause skin aging. Now we don't want that to happen. Uh-huh! No! 

Now let me give you the explanation of this skin problem that you need to take precaution. When your skin looks rough, dull, and you may notice that acne scars and wound seems very hard to heal. This is because you are losing the "elasticity factor". A proper caring and proper skincare can help you with this problem. I know I know this sound so clique. But seriously, a proper ingredient skincare especially the ones that does not give you a "future side effects" is a must. I don't want to sound so protocol or clique again, but here what i find interesting in the current skincare that I am using. Let's get on to the review.

This set contains 4 products. The very basic need you need to use in your everyday routine. Skin Rejuva said that it has this 6 benefits. Replenish - Restore - Repair - Rectify - Revitalize - Rejuvenate. Here is a quick introduction of the 4 products. Each products are numbered on which you need to use first by steps.

1. Refreshing Gel - 60ml
It is a gentle facial cleanser that promise you to give you that perfectly cleanses the skin and luminous complexion. If you want a fresh, clean sensation without the tightness and dryness from that usual harsh cleanser. This is for you. It is also formulated for sensitive skin types. It is also sulfate-free and non-irritating to the eyes and skin. Comes in a pump thick plastic bottle. Easy to dispense product out. The texture of the product is more like a gel. It works kinda like a safe everyday gentle exfoliate for me! <3

2. Cleanser Gel - 120ml
The facial cleaner. A must product you must you no matter how busy you are. Who does not clean their faces? Whoa. This cleanser gel can help encourage skin cell turnover and nutritional absorption for smoother, more radiant and healthier-looking skin. It is also sulfate-free and non-irritating to the eyes and skin. It will also gives you a skin brightening effect and deep cleaning through your pores. Also comes in a thick sturdy plastic bottle.

3. Hydrating Toner - 120ml
This Hydrating Toner is a skin-beneficial ultra-hydration toning lotion. It is recommend to be use after cleaning your skin. Helps to prepare your skin for the next product for better absorption. Oh yes, it is alcohol-free formula but also helps to refines the pores and tones the skin with its skin-soothing botanical ingredients. It also helps to protect your skin from environmental pollution. This comes in a twist cap hard plastic bottle. For my own personal preference usage, 3-4 pumps is already perfect to be apply to my whole face.

4. Facial Serum - 30ml
The finishing product that helps to give your skin the protection and aging needs. It can help to tone, firm, nourish and repair the skin. It just melts to your skin so quickly and does not leave your skin greasy and that uncomfortable feeling. Super easy to apply and blend in your skin. I personally agree with this! It said that wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, your kin becomes toned and firm and also leave your face glowing and naturaly radiant. It has a light, silky formulation that is instantly absorbed deep into the skin, leaving a matte, protective barrier to prevent water loss and reduce skin irritants. Totally agree with this! Its also safe and can use for under your eye to help fight wrinkles and lines. It is also a great makeup base!

There are many type of active ingredients use in this products. All of them are natural and no animals were harm on making this product! Phew! Thank you! Some of them are such as Hyaluronic Acid (best for hydration), Coconut Oil (best for sensetive Skin), Hamamelis Virginiana Flower Water (also known as witch Hazel, popular on products that helps eliminates bacteria), Fomes Officinalis (helps firm the skin and reduce pores), Rosemary (high in anti-oxidants), and many many more.

Of all 4 items, this caught my attention so it deserve a single picture. Hehe. I cant really find skincare that offers this kind of product. So this title is given by myself. This Refreshing Gel is recommended to be use first before all products. As describe above, this works like a gel cleanser. I find that it helps to removes my dead skin cell in a very gentle way. It is not irritating and gives a burn sensation if you ask. This capture the dirt of the skin and leave your skin smooth and brighter.

I place my Step 1 (Refreshing Gel) and Step 2 (Cleanser Gel) in the bathroom. I make sure my skin and face is dry before starting to apply the refreshing gel. It works better on dry skin. So after removing my makeup I pat dry with a clean towel. 3-4 pumps on to my palm and I start rubbing it straight to my face. Using a circular motion on my fore head, cheeks and chin. A few seconds its kinda gently exfoliate my skin. I love how it gives a little tingling mint sensation and kinda strip of some of the left over dirt on my face. Then I rinse it off with water. Continue with the cleansing routine. Its okay if there is still some exfoliating residue on my face, because I am going to wash it off with the cleanser. 3-4 pumps of the cleanser plus some water. I foam it up and start washing my face. This is how my first routine goes with the 1st and 2nd product. What I can feel after using both of this product is that, as usual, my skin feels clean and super love how it does not make my skin feels too dry.

The other 2 product from this set that i put on my vanity table, is the Step 3 (Toner) and Step 4 (Facial Serum). After pat dry, I took 2 ply of cotton pads. 3-4 drops of the toner and I apply it in upward motion. Let it dry for a few seconds and then I took the Step 4, Facial Serum. The texture of this serum is like a moisturizer. I just love this serum because it absorb in my skin like so fast! Leaving my skin matte and hydrated. I apply this serum in circular motion. And wall-la! Finish. How easy is that. Haha. This routine really help with my busy all day long dont have time for skincare routine day. 

Here is my bare face again! Haha. I hope I don't scare you. I have use this product for 2 weeks plus now. It said that it is best within 28 days. But I am just gonna give you a 2 weeks verdict to see how fast and effective this product is. What I can see the difference is that my skin is less sensitive in a way that I don't really have to worry when wearing a foundation. I am avoiding as much as I can from wearing a foundation because I find that it can cause enlarging pores and acne bumps. This help preventing it from happening. A can also see my eye bag a lil bit firmer. I can still see the appearance of my eye bag but it kinda reduce a bit from my own opinion. The most significant result I can see is that my skin become smoother. Applying foundation and BB Cream have never been so easy! Also I love how all of this skincare does not have a scent that can give me this kinda "boring" routine.My skin also feels less oilier than it use to be. It is a fast and easy skincare product set for a lazy and busy person like me.Below is the picture that i got from their website. A verdict from their own customer.

Name : Pristine’s Skin Rejuva Essential Pack
Price : RM880.00
Contains : Refreshing Gel 60ml, Cleanser Gel 120ml, Hydrating Toner 120ml, Facial Serum 30ml
Ingredients Highlights : All Natural, No Animal Derivatives
Where to buy :

*valid till 15 June 2014 (SO HURRY! <3)
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  1. Seronok je baca but bila tengok harga.... *telan air liur* Omg mahalnya but it works so well on you!

  2. i'm attracted to that refreshing gel :D seriously suka gel yang boleh tanggalkan sel kulit mati ^_^

    1. kan, i also love that kind of product. You can see it scrub away the dead skin cells gently...

  3. the box and the packaging semua nampak pretty plus the blue colour nampak elegant! :))

  4. what happen to ur sk-ii fte previously darl...?

  5. What happen to ur sk-ii fte previously? still consuming them?

    1. haha. being a beauty junkie u can never stick to one brand tho. I do change and use them alternately. :)

  6. mahalnyaaaa 0_0......but thedifference on ur skin is prominent!