Eyebrow Cara in Vanilla Syrup Review

I know I know. Finding a clear eyebrow gel can be very frustrating here in Malaysia. Hey good news, I found an affordable and awesome eyebrow product and I am going to review about it to you guys. Ever hear of Cathy Doll products? It is very popular here in Malaysia and they have this awesome clear eyebrow gel for you to grab on. This is the Eyebrow Cara in Vanilla Syrup. They have in other colors too, which are Vanilla Syrup, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Creamy Caramel, Hazelnut.but I choose the on in clear color because it can serve to many uses.

What is a clear eyebrow gel? Basically you can use a clear eyebrow gel to groom as well as prime your eyebrow application. Those messy hair all over your eyebrow can be combed nicely and put it in place without giving you any hint of color. So you can fill it in later. Also if you are using a powder product and you want it to stay longer, you can finish it up using a clear eye brow gel so it stays and helps to give you another surface on to your brow to hold it longer. This Eyebrow Cara is a very handy product in my eyebrow stash. I really love the simplicity of it and it is not too waxy. When I use eyeshadow for my brow, I use this and it helps to make my eyebrow game strong. Haha. I mean last longer. Adding up, price wise, it is super affordable! The brush it self is very stiff and makes brushing easier. If you are looking for an affordable clear eyebrow gel, check this out!

Name : Cathy Doll Eyebrow Cara in Vanilla Syrup
Price : RM20.00
Net Weight : 6.8ml
Where To Buy : https://instagram.com/cathydollmurah
Contact : Aemy +6012 9231982
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  1. How would you compare this to the Essence Clear Brow Gel Sab :o my experience with the product isn't that awesome haha

    Hana Blurbs

    1. I havent got the chance to try that one as it is really hard to get! :(

    2. oooo lol there's a lot here thou, not many people use them haha :'D

    3. nah.. cant find it here in jb.. :(

  2. Eh eh eh eh menariknyaaaaa! Cantik sangat ni :) harga pun ok2