AVON Simply Pretty | Get Gwiyomi Collection

Here is the second AVON Simply Pretty Collection and it is called... Gwiyomi! Oh don't get me started. haha. From my first post you know that I told you about these variants collection from AVON Simply Pretty range. This is the second one. It is describe as a flawless skin and moisturized lips with semi-matte color that last for hours. A great look for your weekend and shopping session.

In this collection it consist of a compact powder with 3 different shades, 3 adorable lip balms & 8 beautiful semi matte lipsticks.
The first one is this Shine No More Pressed Powder that comes with SPF14. I could say I am impressed with the color selection. From a really bright shade to a medium shade. It said to be a powder that helps to keep your face fresh and blemish free. This compact comes with a mirror and a puff applicator.
These lim balm I tell youu... smells so good and yummy just like the packaging it self. It has 3 variants which are Marshmallow Dreams, Strawberry Pink & Jellybeans. Just like any other normal chapstick, this helps to moisturize your lips amazingly good with its yummy scent and tint of color.
The most exciting product in this collection gotta be these lipsticks. Kinda reminds me of Urban Decay lipsticks at a glance. It is the Avon Simply Prety ColorLast Lipstick. It consist of 8 semi matte shades and they are amazingly opaque and creamy. I am not even joking. They are very creamy and they have such a true color to what you see on each lipstick.
The shades and number are labeled on the bottom part of the tube. My description to each shades. Top (Left to Right)
Celebrity Red CL01 - A true red with orange undertone.
Burgundy Dream CL02 - A dark red maroon shade with a brown undertone.
Sweet Strawberry CL04 - Dark rapsberry pink with pink undertone.
Mauve Delight CL08 - Dark Pink with burgundy undertone. A bit pearly to the finish.
Bottom (Left to Right)
Peachy Pink CL10 - A milk pink with peach pearl finsih.
Always Burgundy CL13 - Dark brown with red undertone.
Forever Rose CL14 - Pearly to metallic pink with dark red undertone.
Eternal Red CL17 - True red with brown undertone

You can purchase all AVON products through Avon Representatives or our Avon Beauty Boutique around your area. More info go to their offical page
- http://www.my.avon.com/PRSuite/howtobuy_landing.page
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  1. Wow, I am definitely going to give those lipsticks a try! By the way, how much do they cost?

    I would love to see your makeup collection/vanity tour video on YouTube Sabrina!

    1. I wasn't given information on hthe excat price they retails for, but I belive that they retails not more than RM20 per pcs. :)

      Thank you dear! You made my day! I had a plan to make that video when my blog reach 2million views and 1000 YT subbies! <3

  2. The colors of the lipsticks are just Wowwww!!!
    Rasa nak beli semua!

    1. mmg! i pun like wow masa watch, this is so pigmented!

  3. kan?? OMG..xtahan la tengok colors tu. Godaan dunia ni.hahah

  4. nice blog., very useful.. thank you!